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Drug Test, Should Card Be Used?

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I have thought about this and it didn't take much thinking for me.  I also have IBS and have avoided any job with a drugtest in NYS.  Here I thought it would be different when I read we shall not be discriminated against or lose any rights. I came to the conclusion I would be upfront and if they don't want me screw em.  I could not deal with the anxiety of possibly having to take one in the future or hide my lifestyle.  I can't lie because I can't think fast enough to make up a reality and the anxiety would make it even more painful on myself than finding another lower paying job.  darn catholic upbringing! :)

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Don't share much but definitely know some about this. I am in the ck struction trades and have to test all the time . Yearly minimum. Card NOT accepted for us. They say its on a federal standard . BUT if you have MARINOL you are able to tinkle with thc in your system and not lose our job. Sucks .... had my card since the beginning and still haven't found a doc to help me . So every year I give them a $50 store bought sample lol . Its what they want . But in the meantime I have to carry one at all times if they call for a random . Just so I can use NY Mexico e of choice and not their vicodens anymore . Anyway therea my random ramble lol

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