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War On Drugs In Guyana A Failure And Creates Corruption.

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The GHRA detailed a number of marijuana cases taken to the courts that are indicative of the lopsided course of justice that has been meted out over the years.

Making reference to a case in November last year, the GHRA detailed a court hearing where a woman was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and fined $120, 000 on four charges for possession and trafficking of 2.8 grams of cannabis and one gram of cocaine.


has the war on drugs worked in any country?

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It's worked better than they could've ever expected.  Create a problem and have the people pay you to solve the problem.  Taxes, fines, leo job security, division, destroying families from the incarceration and record, rehab centers, corruption, keep them out of work thru drug testing, cartels to prop up as the enemy when they wouldn't be supplying it if there wasn't a demand etc.etc.etc..  All the problems facing drugs are made because of their illegality.  If it was treated as a health/mental problem and the stigma wasn't there of being a felon and the ability to work it wouldn't be the bottomless pit it is.  The gov't took a problem and by their solution made it bigger.  Not to mention mj wouldn't be a "problem" anywhere near what it is now(by problem I mostly mean destroying people's lives over incarceration).  The solution has become a much bigger problem.  People are still doing it as expensive as it is and we now have all the other problems associated!

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