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Best Strain For An Outdoor One-Plant-Only-Scrog?

pic book

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in MI the plant will need to be prompted to flower with some light deprivation when ready to flower. It would be cool to be able to do that inside of a garage, then move to the outdoors to flower finish. I'd go for an unruly Haze, if I liked Haze. Moonshine Haze comes to mind as an unusually high thc plant, with a tendency to grow wildly in a scrog setting. sounds like a blast !  pics, we need pics !

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i'll post it when my construction crew leaves. magazines are inside of my drying room, the only closed locked door in the house......they're working on every other room in the house for weeks. puts a huge damper on my activities, in and out of my garden. I've got to do all of my work after they leave to avoid detection. so far so good, maybe, hope so.

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Minimal but steady reveg growth this time of year.


This is an old pic..The canopy lays across the rafters to scrog.


The plants are Not in the ganjahouse now , they are put up for winter....sleeping


Some were uprooted , cured whole and periodically harvested as needed.


There is No interruption in supply....year round.


This IS the Future for Cold Climate Grows   (CCG)


This plant produced 9oz and was sticky until consumed...@ 6 months


Total cost $10/oz to produce.


Completely Compliant.

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