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So after reviewing some back discussions and doing a little research....I'm under the impression that medibles are a No No....That is sad...I have been a caregiver for years and personally know medibles help many patients...Myself included...I heard there was a bill to change this status but have also read it has stalled....I currently have a potential patient with a serious problem that is requesting medibles...I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to help them...and it seems like that's been his luck with finding a good caregiver...

So is there currently no way around this? Or any way to make it legal? A patient is only allowed to possess 2.5 ounces....so that would mean to the cops that 2.5 ounces of butter or brownies is max they can have?

What about if I provided the patient with the material to make the butter? Assuming it is under 2.5 ounces, would there be a problem with the patient making his own butter?

Thanks for any help!

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As long as there is visable ground material in it it should be fine.  I make capsules that are about 2 x the weight of what the bud in it would've weighed.  So a capsule that weighs 1 gram has the equivalent of 1/2 gr of mj.  there is about 1 20th(guess) of a grm or less actual ground bud and the rest is coconut oil extract.  Chocolates also have potential to be very potent according to the actual weight.

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Did you have a problem with the coconut oil eating at the capsules....at least at room temp?....I did on a few so I stuck the rest in the fridge....But i was still a little confused about your post....So if I made brownies with cannabis butter and then sprinkled it with ground bud...would that work?....Most people don't like munching on green material....Thankful the 70's brownies are gone.....not that I lived through it...LOL!

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the ruling that banned extracts (people vs carruthers) is going to be heard by the mich supreme court in a year or two probably.


its the same as it ever was, sometimes you get good cops, sometimes you get bad cops.

providing bud and letting your patients make said butter is a valid option as well.


if you put your butter in your car in a cooler with other food, how will anyone know its special butter in the first place?

stay safe, dont sink those ships with big lips.

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So after reviewing some back discussions and doing a little research....I'm under the impression that medibles are a No No.


the CoA opinion in carruthers says medibles are allowed, on page 8 and continues to pg9:


Our interpretation also does not preclude the medical use of marijuana by ingestion of

edibles;9 to the contrary, such use is authorized by the MMMA, within the statutory limitations,

provided that the edible is a “mixture or preparation” of “the dried leaves and flowers of the

marihuana plant,”

i know there was a lot of confusion about this when it came out.

 there were even news articles saying medibles were banned. a load of baloney!

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The f*cktards on the court of appeals thought that the people didn't want extractions because they were "too potent". The problem arises when you strain the spent herb from the butter.


In their twisted view once the leaves and flowers are gone it is no longer a preparation but is now an extraction and is therefore not covered by the act. Makes perfect sense huh?


They apparently don't have access to dictionaries at the COA (probably due to budget cuts) or they could have looked this up.


a substance that is specially made up and usually sold, esp. a medicine or food.
synonyms: mixture, compound, concoction, solution, tincture, medicine, potion, cream, ointment, lotion


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I had less problems when i added in some cocoa butter at the end.  It keeps it harder.  You have to completely solidify your coconut oil and paper towel it off to get ALL water out.  It's even good to remelt and freeze after taking it off the water so that any water mixed in the oil will sink to the bottom, then you resolidify and dab on papertowel again. 

I do still keep them cold. 

The more cocoa butter you add at the end the less problems you'll have at room temp.  It'll be much easier when you can make an oil extract and add an ounce bud equivalent to a measured 50/50 mix of 1 oz or 2 oz. of oil/butter.  This way it's decarbed and concentrated enough that you can weigh oil separate and get an equal dose throughout.  Extracting into coconut oil gives you different rates at return and you can't precisely plan for 1/4 gram per capsule or 1/8th gram etc.

Forgot, then at the end I just powder a 1/2gr or so of bud and mix it in so you can see the veg material in the oil thru the capsule.  You could do the same by placing a leaf on the brownies or sprinkling it over the top.


I can't believe they called those bon bons in the other case concentrates.  There is much LESS weight of bud in each than they now weigh.  So much for logic.

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