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well I'm not sure what to do and I'm honestly not sure where to put this in the forum, but I'm 19 and a lot of being proactive in my own life is still very new to me so I wasn't sure who to reach out to about any of this. I have grown up just outside Detroit and I have a form of bipolar disorder that is on some days so bad I don't even get out of bed. I've tried marijuana and it helps more then any of the pills I've been prescribed throughout my life(with less severe side effects. I truthfully don't know if I could even obtain a med card for this reason but it has given me hope again, honestly between peoples views on the plants and my own family rejecting me for just trying it, I'm not sure what to do if anyone has any advice id really like feedback from people who actually know more then me on the topic, anyways sorry for rambling so much I jut don't know what to do from here.

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move to colorado, where you can smoke it legally.


tell your parents the truth, that it works better than any pill you've ever tried.

ask them if they'd rather have you happy or on pills that dont work. DO THEY WANT THE BEST FOR YOU OR NOT?

maybe my advice isnt great? print off the side effects from the bipolar drugs, make sure to highlight any risks of suicide.

print off the side effects of marijuana, give them both lists and see which one they choose.


bipolar isnt a qualifying condition here in michigan. if the bipolar pills give you nausea, then nausea would qualify you for the program.


feel free to submit a petition or attend the medical marijuana review panel and give testimony about how marijuana helps you, and you use it illegally to treat your bipolar. how you are not asking the panel to approve marijuana as a bipolar treatment, only to protect you from arrest from using it to treat your bipolar.

there is a review panel meeting in lansing march 6:


Medical Marihuana Review Panel Public Meeting Notice for March 6, 2014


Thursday 3/6/2014 9:00 AM
Ottawa Building
Conference Room 5
Upper Level (UL)
Ottawa Building, Conference Room 5
611 West Ottawa Street
Lansing, MI 48933




good luck buddy.

remember you can always go to colorado and grow your own, no license needed.


just for statistics purposes, i'm guessing your parents are 50-60yo. are they white? religious? republican? democrat? thanks.

(if they are religious, ask some priest thats cool with mmj to talk to them, cant hurt haha)

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thank you that helped a lot actually, oddly my mom is only in her 30s. I've just been looking around for real information for a while because it helps way more then any pill they have put me on not only does it help but I still am me compared to the pills that make you lose your personality and any real drive to do anything. I think I may go to Lansing for that. Its just hard to see the first real breakthrough I've had be through illegal means.

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its really difficult. some family members dont want to listen, dont want to learn. they are scared.

theres been 80 years of brainwashing and propaganda against this plant, its scary. the illegality causes anxiety and stress to the max.


that scared feeling took months to go away for me.


another problem is that they've stereotyped marijuana people as either old hippies or punk kids who just want to get high.

unfortunately you are that punk kid. and you probably dont even 'look sick'.

i dont know where this idea came from that males 18-30 were invincible. that all we had to do was chin up and stand straight and that would solve all of the problems?


what may help you is the fact that many people cope with thier problems using alcohol or marijuana. you are not alone.

you are not the first. you wont be the last. the pills dont work for everybody. neither does marijuana work for everyone.

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that's the thing being the stereotyped look, and not looking like what most people perceive as sick, makes it hard to be taken seriously. I follow every law and have no criminal record. but cause some old people 80 years ago decided this one plant is bad, I have to either find a way around the system which I don't want to do or suffer. other then asthma and bipolar disorder I am healthy. I just have been finding it hard to really prove my point that this is something great and it helps and makes me feel like a normal person again, which is what led me to this website cause I'm sick of not having a voice in my life.

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