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Mgokush, New To The Site. Hello


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Hi there all. I'm 42 from the Grand Rapids area. I have had mmp card since the beginning 09'. I have 25 years of OD growing and many ID grows as well. Been on a few national sites and have been looking for a GOOD local Mi. site to share info together with. I've recently switched over to a doc. That I can have a true doc to patient relationship with (west Mich didn't have many when this started, my doc was from Troy) Dr Crocker great guy. I did this for a few reasons, to be truly legal and most importantly for me so that I can use MM on probation. I suffer from chronic pain and have been down the narcotic pain medication nightmare of a road. I had my attorney highly stress the fact that I didn't want to have to go back to highly addictive pain meds. at sentencing. The judge's only stipulation was it had to be a local doc. With substantial documentation. So ya it was a huge weight of my back when your honor ok'ed it. It wasn't a drug charge but he made sure to let me know that dispite my 9 possession of marijuana charges on my record he was gonna let me use on prob..lol I have a really good circle of friends with many different top grade strains. I've smoked nothing but kind since I was 18 back in the good old days of the hydro G13 days. If you are from GR area you probably remember it from back in the late 80s early 90s. Look forward to sharing advice, info, gens. maybe and stories. If you need help finding a good heating and cooling grow room expert, meds of all kinds bud, edibles, extracts, clones, sometimes teens and so on feel free to hit me up. Been choking on some wicked white fire (Wi-Fi) among many others lately.

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