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Dear Rxxxxx,

Ever wanted to work in politics? Have you volunteered for a few campaigns and ready to take your grassroots organizing to the next level? Looking to get your start but not sure where? Know a college student or recent graduate with a political science degree? 



The Michigan Democratic Party knows Democrats succeed if we build a more diverse group of political activists and organizers. That’s why the MDP created the Detroit FellowshipIt is a seven session course aimed at training a more diverse generation of political organizers in Michigan.  



Participants must commit to seven four-hour sessions, and will receive training from some of the top operatives in Michigan and in Washington DC. Participants will learn everything from grassroots organizing,


to the growing world of data and technology, to crafting a message, and more. At the conclusion of the session, the MDP will work as a bridge between fellows who complete the program and opportunities in the political arena.



Space is limited so sign up today to take the first step in your career in politics.




Garrett Arwa
Executive Director, Michigan Democratic Party

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Our debt problem began when Reagan lowered the income tax rate on the upper income bracket from 70% to 28% and TRIPLED our debt from 900 billion to 2.6 trillion. 


Every president after Reagan added more to our debt problems. Bush Sr. tried to do something about the problem and raised taxes on the upper income bracket but Republicans shortsightedly had a fit even after the spectacular victory in the first Iraq war. Clinton's presidency began to pay back our debt but now you can hear Republicans argue that he was only able to do this due to Bush Sr. policies, too bad Republicans didn't support Bush Sr. after he raised taxes (Read my lips, no new taxes....we'll vote you out even if it is good for our country). 


And then we come to Bush Jr. who squandered away the efforts of Clinton and Bush Sr. to get our debt under control and put us back on the path of increasing debt, he doubled our debt by giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy, while at the same time giving a couple hundred bucks to average Americans (talk about buying votes), the two rebates increased our debt by over 400 billion alone, all at a critical time in our nation's history when we were at war on two fronts, of which one war was completely unnecessary and justified by deceiving the American people.




Not to mention how the Republican mantra of anti-regulation directly led to the financial collapse of 2008 and the Great Recession we are just now beginning to recover from.




It is the Republican policies begun under Ronald Reagan of anti-tax (you can have your cake and eat it too) and anti-regulation which continue to this day that have dug us the hole we are in today.

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