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Are We The Animal Farm ?

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we are the animal farm..


people are so very much like ants.


learned that driving cross country in a semitruck


it's the same ole thing over and over...one city to the next..


all of a sudden you come into a city (ant hill) and leading into and away from it are a maze of trails (suburbs) and there all tons of people running all over doing all kinds of stuff and it is kinda like organized chaos..  we all know what we are doing but none of us knows what your doing..so LOOK OUT MAN - its a big ole game of chance every day you wake up and interact with the world..


just don't run into the predators.. its the rule of life on this planet..


what makes people think we are exempt from predators? human or otherwise?


buy a stun gun.... Zap there collective molecular bonded excrement disposal locations when necessary :)

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Ludicrous interpretations

Of legislative regulations

Are making felons

And clay pigeons

Of us all...


The courts know we are complacent, and too ignorant to read and understand the law.

So, without being under oath, they tell us the meaning of the WORDS in the law...


We are like farm animals in their eyes...

Just meat on the hoof, here to feed the true criminals in the court rooms...

The ones who wear thousand dollar suits and twenty five dollar black robes...


So, if you know whats good for you,...

Don't worry about what the legislative regulations say...

Or the will of the people and their intention.






The Old Yeller Dawg

And his gorgeous young b*t#h

Have written this just for you

But you have got to know

That it's not just for show

And we are pretty darn proud of it, too!

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To say I am sorry that you are in the situation you are in does not encompass what I feel, it sounds cliche' for sure, yet I am.

Each of us that has anything to do with mj ride that razors edge each moment and may find ourselves in your predicament. 


I signed the petition, I voted for prop 1 and am registered.  I did so because I believed we would be provided protection as

the law reads.  I now wonder each day if I just put a target on my back and paid for that target too.

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