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Question About Jury Duty And Having To Reveal My Card Status

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A few months back I received a letter from the court. It was a questionnaire for jury duty.


One of the questions, the very last one, asked if I believe in medical marijuana. Which of course I said yes.


Never heard another word, so I assumed they didn't want me because I believe in medical marijuana.


Today I get another letter from the court, saying I am expected to appear between April and June.


I don't mind doing my civil service. However, when I get there and they start asking questions to weed out jurors, I'm afraid they will ask if I am a card holder.


So my question is am I legally obligated to answer that?


I live in a small community and have kept this a secret for fear of losing my high profile job. Don't want to break any laws but don't want to offer any information I don't have to. Also don't want my name remembered and put on any informal card holders list for the police. Some of them know me from my past, lol!


This may not even be a question I'm just not sure. If anybody else has been through this kind of a process, I would appreciate any information they would have to offer.

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its a good question.


the confidentiality is supposed to protect us.

you're under oath when the lawyers are asking you questions in a room full of people who dont respect confidentiality.

could call up the court and ask the clerk and possibly try to ask the judge about it. i'm curious as well.


i dont know if lawyers ask if jurors have cards. maybe bob or zapato or komorn has seen that in the field.


anyways i dont recommend lying under oath.... :)

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You have a constitutional right not to incriminate yourself. 


So if you're asked to discuss your MMJ activity you can "plead the 5th"  This means that you and your spouse assert the defense that you don't need to testify against one another. 


There was an issue with the Dryden/Lapeer County raids a few yews ago.  Some patients or CGs were called to testify against the dispensary guys.  For whatever reason (be it good sense or good legal council) some folks refused to testify against the dispensary.  The court offered immunity and these really clever folks understood that a local/circuit court judge could not provide federal immunity.  So they declined that fake immunity. 


But the beat goes on.

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A few years back I was picked for circuit court jury duty in Ogemaw County for a Marijuana Case...I could hardly contain myself... A young attorney in town was caught growing...Well I hung that Beatch and it felt Great...Unfortunately he was retried and found guilty...So if you get the chance...

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