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Tissue Cultured Marijuana ? You Bet !

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Newest marijuana tissue culture additions!

I have viable samples now in my genetic library of the following !! WooooHoooo! :jig:

Chem4 was most difficult, dirty little beotch I'm guessing.. :sword:


Chemdog 91 sk va :bong2:

EmDog :gym:

Chem 4 :ph34r:



thinking these might be next   (thanks goes to WET !)


Scotts Og(game changer? (we'll soon see)

Commerce City Kush(OMG)

Queen of Hearts - Chemdog4 X Gobstopper(no doubt with a name like Gobstopper, highly recommended, and when seller was asked for the best gear on the list, he also replied the same. )

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Wow, what a thread.  Ive been searching for info on this topic and this is the best thread so far.  Im hoping you are still checking in on this and I can bounce a few things off of you.

Ive read the book "plants from test tubes".  Ive looked up protocols for stock solutions - see attached, and Ive cultured...kinda.  By media lot 13 (started at 1) for multiplication and veg I finally have jars that look like the pictures from labs (6oz bfj w\ magenta bcap).  Now just time to see about contamination and viable media.  My latest was from the tdz study with 95% success rate.

So heres the reason why Im posting...Im no phd biochemist and some of the conversions are tricky.  I mean it took me forever to figure out how to get a 13mg\ml solution of giberrellic acid and turn it into a 1mg\ml solution.  Duh, add 1ml of GA and 13 ml of distilled h2o, right?  

TDZ direct shoot initiation @ 95% success has " uM" as a measurement for the hormones.  As far as I can tell "u" is micro and "M" is meter...how do I get that to mL of a 1mg\ml tdz solution?  on charts I find, 1ml = .001uL.   Please help...I don't have 40 years to perfect this...im already 40.  Thanks, and keep this thread alive, its a gold mine.


chinese tc study.rtf

Directshootorganogenesis tdz high freq.pdf

phytotech hemp multi kit instr.pdf

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Thanks for bumping this thread. I'm new here and didn't see this before.

I have been cloning and making seed for years. But I can't even begin to process all of this information about tissue cultures.  Let me ask... is this really a thing that normal growers do? or is it just something done by professionals?

I was reading about Hunter S. Thompson's widow using tissue culture on the remaining bud in his stash bag (his favorite strain) and she now markets it as the Gonzo brand cannabis.

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Key Quotes from that article I linked above:


Cloning a plant from tissue, or using DNA extracted from a dead plant, takes more technical proficiency — but is not impossible. Plant matter that has been dead for a decade, too, is within the bounds of modern plant biotechnology. In 2012, in fact, Russian biologists announced they revived an Arctic flower that had perished 32,000 years ago, brought back thanks to seed tissue preserved for millennia beneath the Siberian tundra.

A cloned marijuana strain would be fitting for a man who once described the drug as “a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with beer and ice and grapefruits — and millions of Americans agree with me.”


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1 hour ago, Scarlet_Begonias said:

Anyone know of any labs in MI we can go to that does tissue culture?


Walter's Garden over in Zeeland has the shiz. LOL

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