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Paper Work To Switch.

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Thank you For the link. And yeah my previous caregiver already knows that I plan on switching. thanks again


I am glad that you found the information you needed and for notifying your current cg prior to the change.


A bit off subject, and if my asking hijacks your thread or you are uncomfortable answering, I will fully understand

and apologize ahead for the hijacking. You could PM me if you prefer, if you even want to answer at all  :)


My questions are;

How did your current cg react when you informed them that you were making a change?

How much advance notice did you give your cg prior to changing?


Thanks in advance :)

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Make sure you check the box that you will have possession of the plants.

Don't send the cg attestation form.


I believe that is all you need do.


If I am in error, someone please correct me !


Also, this was confusing to some so I am going to clarify jic... you do not become your

own cg, you are a patient still who grows their own medicine :)

Best of luck also!!!

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My caregiver didn't care that I wanted to grow my own medicine. And as for notice I let him know a few months ago I was thinking about it and have been talking with him while ive been buying and getting my room all set up. Once I am fully ready for plants and have everything I need I will send in my papers. 

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