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Section 8 Defense For Detroit Grower Includes Current Rec And

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marinol script.  the raid jan 29 found 60 plants in a house ok for 12.  wife was current, but his card was expired 2011.  (10 year grower).  def atty mrs f. recommended a dr meyer for a current rec with preparation for on-probation use of mmj.  new dpp chief james craig seems to be giving notice that the guy who closed 1500 los angeles disps in a 2-year war is the new hard guy around mmj.

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what happened to your clinton township buddy, picbook?

he turned out to be a narc, bogus name: viktor ramos, yah, he did. so beware of viktor matta, he is really viktor ramos, narc from clinton township.

i finally insisted we smoke at his house.  if the prospective patient won't let me sit in his living room that is baddest sign ever that not everything is on the up-and-up. 

the best patient screen i know of, is meet the prospective patient at his house, at the address on the would-be patient's dl and med card, and they had better be the same address.

so today i have 1 less buddy.  taking applications...

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