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Treatment Of Tourette Syndrome With Thc A Randomized Crossover Trial


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did anyone post this study yet?





Using the TSSL there was a significant improvement of tics (p = 0.015) and
obsessive compulsive behavior (OCB) (p = 0.041) after treatment with ∆9
-THC compared with placebo. Examiner ratings demonstrated a significant difference for
the subscore “complex motor tics” (p = 0.015) and a trend towards a significant
improvement for the subscores “motor tics” (p = 0.065), “simple motor tics” (p =
0.093), and “vocal tics” (p = 0.093). No serious adverse reactions occurred. Five
patients experienced transient mild side effects. There was a significant correlation
between tic improvement and maximum plasma concentration of 11-OH-THC.Page 3

Results obtained from this pilot study suggest that a single-dose treatment
with ∆9 -THC is effective and safe in the therapy of tics and OCB in TS. It can be
speculated that clinical effects may be caused by 11-OH-THC. A longer term study is
needed to confirm these data.

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There's quite a bit of info on tics and Tourette.


THC is used in a number of them, but in my mind it would come down to just how debilitating the tics are as to whether I would even consider it an option. CB1 expression levels in adolescence are particularly high, and it's not likely a good idea to lower that expression level unless it is absolutely necessary.    

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yeah, but the tourrette prescriptions are worse for the kid than thc no doubt.


my friends' brother had real bad tics while he was growing up. would shake his head up and down and clear his nose constantly. took him to see a movie once and he was bouncing out of his seat shaking his head and body.


saw him recently and he was fine. i'm not sure if he grew out of it or if it was the marijuana he smoked. either way i'm glad he got better. those tics really affect your life and the ability to make/keep friends. otherwise people call you a 'spaz', which i think is slang for spastic. if you've ever been picked on in school, thats no fun.


i was commenting to my other friend on how 20 years ago, there used to be more disabled people out and about. i remember as a kid seeing people suffering from tourettes. i havent seen a person with tourettes lately. maybe the medication has gotten better? did they lock everyone up in group homes now? maybe i dont get out as much as i used to. maybe i've grown old and shun disabled people like everyone else does?


maine's medical marijuana review panel denied marijuana for TS last year


He said Thursday that many of the medications already prescribed to Tourette’s syndrome patients are not approved for that purpose by the FDA 


i guess there arent many medications for tourette's. probably off-label epilepsy medication?


heres a followup study to the one in the first post, i think



Previous studies provide evidence that marijuana (Cannabis sativa) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (D9-THC), the major psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, respectively, are effective in the treatment of tics and behavioral problems in Tourette syndrome (TS). It, therefore, has been speculated that the central cannabinoid receptor system might be involved in TS pathology. However, in healthy marijuana users there is an ongoing debate as to whether the use of cannabis causes acute and/or long-term cognitive deficits. In this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, we investigated the effect of a treatment with up to 10mg D9-THC over a 6-week period on neuropsychological performance in 24 patients suffering from TS. During medication and immediately as well as 5–6 weeks after withdrawal of D9-THC treatment, no detrimental effect was seen on learning curve, interference, recall and recognition of word lists, immediate visual memory span, and divided attention. Measuring immediate verbal memory span, we even found a trend towards a significant improvement during and after treatment. Results from this study corroborate previous data suggesting that in patients suffering from TS, treatment with D9-THC causes neither acute nor long-term cognitive deficits. Larger and longer-duration controlled studies are recommended to provide more information on the adverse effect profile of THC in patients suffering from TS.

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You can treat yourself from thc and also Medications that block or lessen dopamine. Fluphenazine, haloperidol (Haldol), risperidone (Risperdal) and pimozide (Orap) can help control tics. Possible side effects include weight gain and involuntary repetitive movements. Tetrabenazine (Xenazine) might be recommended, although it may cause severe depression.

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