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Hi From Candee

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Hi there!


Worked for a couple of years in a health food store in the late 80s and have been intrigued with natural medicine ever since.


Worked (part time) in hospitals in reimbursement & pharmacy ever since. I'm disgusted with bigpharma but am also dependent since I'm a MS patient. I'm doing well but want to do even better.


I hate to see people suffer (cancer, pain, debility, whatever) and think it's downright evil that a plant that can help some people is illegal, schedule 1.


Pretty excited about what's happening in Colorado. I want to go there to see & learn but figure hey: we have the intelligence & enthusiasm right here in Michigan!! I wish things weren't so secretive and hope to learn & contribute on this forum.


Thanks for reading!


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Welcome to 3ma!


I know several folks who use mm for their ms, including montel williams, well I dont know him but he is an advocate for mm for ms!


Im sure you will find all you need here, become a pt, all you need is your med records for like 6 months to a yr, and dont worry about your work or if you have a liscense for what you do, this is your medical record and rules apply to who knows you are an mm pt!


Best of luck



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Welcome!  There is a lot of good info here.  It helps to stay abreast of the latest developments with respect to the law and the latest court rulings.  Otherwise you could easily run afoul of the latest wrinkle in the law.


Unfortunately, while most of us can see that the medical possibilities abound with respect to cannabis, many in positions of power in Michigan refuse to look for any positives.  They are very self assured and are convinced that all cannabis use is by abusers just wanting to get high. 


In many cases these obstructionists have no honest reasons for opposition.  They simply repeat the same old, long ago disproved drug warrior slogans of the past.  Most of these politicians made a name for themselves as drug warriors.  To now admit that, with respect to cannabis, they fought on the wrong side of right, is too much for their ego to stand.  They will fight this plant to their grave, regardless of the truth.

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Welcome Candee to the MMMA it's a great place to be lots of good people and up to date with the going on's with the Law that the great people of Mich. gave us and the Courts are trying


to take away as much as they can 


So we need as much help as we all can get and you are doing your part by coming here and supporting the MMMA and don't be afraid to tell the people you know about this site


Peace :yahoo-wave: 

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