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How Do I Find A Dr, A Caregiver & Get Certified

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I just moved to Mt Pleasant from out of state & need to know how to get a card. I've been on many prescriptions but am not getting pain relief & I have glaucoma. My adult son also needs to be seen--he has mental health issues. I am totally new to all this & need to know how to find a doctor, a caregiver & get us certified as quickly as possible. Help??? Thx

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get a copy of you and your sons medical records, charts, notes, xrays, mri reports, stuff like that.

your previous doctors should provide you with them.


sometimes your drs will offer to fax to your new doctor. this is fine.



dr bob is a good certification dr in mt pleasant and surrounding areas



make an appt with him.

have your old doctor fax your records to dr bobs office before you go in for a visit.



for finding a caregiver , you can find one here in the forums, by making a post requesting caregivers to contact you. 

or there might be compassion clubs in your area.

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it takes about 30 days for LARA to issue a card after you get that all in the mail. be sure to send your forms in certified mail so you know they got the forms.


costs $100 to the state. then whatever the dr appt runs. usually $100-$240 depending on whats needed. dr bob has discounts for people on ssi/disability/medicare i think.


you can find more info on the program at http://michigan.gov/mmp


welcome to michigan! hope you like cold weather and snow.

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 Effective April 1, 2013, patients must provide proof of Michigan residency with their application to be 

a qualifying patient. Proof of legal residency shall be considered a copy of a valid, lawfully obtained Michigan 

driver license, copy of a valid official Michigan personal identification card, or a copy of a valid Michigan voter 



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