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Mmma First Steps Towards Effective Policy And Responsible Practice

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Medical marijuana is becoming a socially acceptablemeans of medicating patients who
receive palliative relief for their symptoms from its use. This paper will examine the short
history of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Hasthe state of Michigan crafted an effective
medical marijuana policy? Is this act effective for legislatures to implement and uphold? Is it
effective for patients using marijuana for its medicinal purposes? Is it effective for providers
trying to earn a living? The research presented inthis article shows that there are many
undefined aspects of the law that create problems and opportunities for improvement. Changes
need to come from all parties involved. Patients and caregivers need to work with legislators to
ensure that the law is fair and effective.



Medical marijuana has growing support from citizens across the United States. Michigan
voters approved medical marijuana just over four years ago. In this time, slow progress has been
made in untangling the nuances of the law. As moreand more states legalize marijuana,
Michigan will be looked at as an example for what should and should not be done. This fall,
Colorado and Washington took marijuana one step further, and legalized it for recreational use.
Michigan and its citizens need to come to consensusso that patients and caregivers can function
legally within the constraints of the law without fear of prosecution.

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