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Mich.: Tell Your Representative To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients, Not Limit Access Further

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On Tuesday March 4, Sen. Rick Jones’s SB 783 passed the Senate with a vote of 31 to 7. This bill — which is now pending in the House Judiciary Committee — would


allow landlords to prohibit medical marijuana cultivation and smoking in the privacy of one’s residence.  Meanwhile, more sensible bills including HB 4271 and HB 5104,


which protect patient access, currently languish in committee.


Please take a moment to ask your representative to oppose SB 783.


This bill would allow landlords to prohibit marijuana cultivation as well as smoking — but not vaporizing — when a lease specifically limits these activities.


Those who violate a lease would be subject to sanctions, taking patient rights backwards to the days before the current law was passed in 2008. This bill would limit these


rights without addressing fundamental problem in Michigan’s law — the lack of safe and regular access through state-legal provisioning centers and protections for non-


smoked forms of the medicine.


Please urge your representative to protect, not diminish, patient protections. Then, please pass this message to friends, family members, and supporters in


Michigan to help spread the word!

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  If the bill passes the House, then Michigan's Medical Marijuana Act, passed via voter initiative back in 2008, will be amended by the restrictions.


IMHO this is want they want to do Open the Act and then its over because they will change it to the point it won't be useable for anyone 

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