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Committee Meeting On 5104 And 4271


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Committee Meeting







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Meetings by bodies of elected members delegated by the House or Senate to consider and make recommendations concerning disposition of bills, resolutions, and other related matters referred to them. Committees are appointed by the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader and are organized according to subject matter.





Government Operations



Clerk Phone Number







Rooms 402 and 403, Capitol Building, 100 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933





Tuesday, 3/11/2014





1:00 pm







HB 4271 (Callton) Controlled substances; marihuana; state and local regulation of marihuana provisioning centers; provide for.


HB 5104 (Kowall) Health; medical marihuana; marihuana infused products; allow.


And any other business properly before the committee.





Randy Richardville

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The Senate Government Operations Committee, chaired by Sen. Randy Richardville has announced it will conduct a hearing on two critical medical marijuana bills early next week. The committee will hear testimony on HB 4271 and HB 5104 on Tuesday at 1 p.m. 


What: Public hearing on HB 4271 and HB 5104
Where: Rooms 402 and 403, Capitol Building, 100 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing
When: Tuesday, March 11, at 1 p.m. 


HB 4271 would allow local governments to license and regulate medical marijuana provisioning centers (dispensaries).


HB 5104 would extend the protections currently in place for smoked forms of marijuana to marijuana extracts, a key ingredient in non-smoked forms of the medicine. Both bills are essential to providing safe and reliable access to medicine by thousands of patients in Michigan.

Both bills passed the House of Representatives with landslide votes late last year.


Special thanks to all who reached out to Sen. Richardville’s office and asked that he move forward with these bills.


If you attend, please be respectful to committee members and be sure to dress appropriately. Also keep in mind that time is often short at these hearings, particularly since there may be other items on the agenda.

Please pass this message on to friends, family members, and supporters in Michigan

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So what exactly happens at these hearings will sponsors of the bill in the Michigan legislature be there? Do you really think that they'll take peoples right to grow there own medicine how can they go backwards on a law?


sometimes the sponsors show up, as when sen khan did for 0660 i think.


the sponsor of 4271 (rep callton) said vote for 4271 to end home grows.


do i think it will happen? i dont know. theres always a chance.

how can they? they make the laws, they went backwards on the MMMA in 2012 already, and more bills are coming.


so the consensus is, stop voting republican. callton is republican. sen jones is republican. bill schuette is republican. walsh is republican


who knows, maybe when democrats are majority they will mess with the law. i really dont know.

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cops want to regulate medical things, why? no, seriously, when do police step into the pharmacy ? between the patients and the doctors and the pharmacists? police do not need to stick their noses in this at all.


npra lady needs to tighten up her testimony.

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