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Jams Scams, Judges, Michigan And Beyond

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Please take a look at my completely DIY independent journalism and social justice project:


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Investigation continues to be rolled in waves -- expect new info shares on Monday and Tuesday to tie in w/the Michigan association of drug court professionals 15th annual conference tues and wed in Lansing.


Judges profiting from the alcohol and drug testing centers they sentence (sometimes innocent) people to. Judges actively lobbying legislation they wrote that benefits their organization's platinum sponsors. Faux non profit organizations built to help fund their programs that pockets money from you. And this is only the very beginning of a wild web of corruption about to be exposed. Needs your likes, donations, and support. Please and thank you.

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i will post the proper web site address as soon as i launch it (should be tomorrow, monday).


but you can see most everything on:







proper web site coming soon.

it's been pretty tricky i as i started reading and reading and reading all of the public records docs (where all of this is from that im publishing) in december. i quit my job as an arts and entertainment reporter at the detroit free press to deliver this info -- as much as possible as quick as possible.

there are a lot of untraditional things i'm trying to do -- but i wouldn't be here if it was just judge brian mackenzie.  this is a widespread government corruption story that begins in #oakgov 52/1district court judge brian mackenzie's courtroom. tuesday and wednesday in lansing is the 15th annual MADCP conference. he's the president of the MADCP - the michigan association of drug court professionals. his wife karen mackenzie is the executive director of MADCP. there's more than 100 specialty courts they've implemented in all 83 counties of the state during that time. 

i'm going to be showing what kind of money they're taking from people in another way in during these next couple of days. how many JAMs contracts written from oakland county has there been in the last 15 years?? the last investigation piece i published on friday included one JAMs contract for $100,000. but there are 13 or so throughout oakland county.

i also published a list of the state of michigan's alcohol and drug testing centers that are "collection sites" -- that's like 200 places throughout the state.

so there's a lot of work to do, a lot im trying to do and i didnt have to build my infrastructure first -- but web site is coming. stunning info is already published. spectacular info that makes me want to scream and yell at anyone who allowed this to happen will follow right after that.

thank you for your interest. feel free to talk to me here. maybe i'll publish a couple things here shortly, too.

i def could use help keeping the investigation alive. it's an election year and there are a lot of questions to ask a lot of people from the underground in oakland county to washington d.c. -- and, if it werent so frightening and nauseating and costly to taxpayers and innocent people, etc -- i'd say you would have fun following everything... 


thx again. #judgesgonewild #dirtymitten14 #dishonorableones

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