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Colorado Police Ask For More Money For Marijuana Enforcement


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Colorado Police Ask For More Money for Marijuana Enforcement

The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police wrote a letter to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper this week, asking for some money from the state’s recreational marijuana program to go back into police enforcement.


The letter comes in response to a plan released y the Governor last week that detailed the ways that tax revenues would be used.  Police were allotted only a small portion of the revenue.


In the letter, the Chiefs ask Governor Hickenlooper to create a grant program for police departments throughout the state to help cover costs related to recreational marijuana legalization and enforcing the new law.


Police Chiefs are arguing they could use the tax revenue to train officers to better identify high drivers, target marijuana traffickers, create a statewide database of marijuana crimes, and purchase oral fluid testing kits that could be used to test drivers at DUI checkpoints.


Hickenlooper’s budget proposal predicted that the recreational marijuana program would bring in even more money than originally anticipated.  The governor’s office anticipated that the state will earn over $133 million in the next fiscal year off of recreational marijuana, but only $3 million of that is being allotted to the police forces throughout the state.  The Chiefs are requesting that 10 – 15% of the state’s tax revenue from marijuana goes to them.


The majority of the funds raised through taxing recreational marijuana are slated to go to marijuana addiction treatment and youth prevention.


Department of Public Safety executive director Jim Davis responded to the Police Chief Association, stating, “We are confident that once we fully understand the needs and plans, we can submit and support supplemental funding requests.”  Davis has requested a meeting with the group to find out more about police needs.



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they cant get money from arresting pot smokers, so they want money from the sales of pot smokers.


dont give them any handouts!


hickenlooper is working very hard to torpedo colorado's law... the war aint over. a battle was won (A64) but the war continues at full speed. and you can see, its a war to the very bitter end for a lot of people involved.

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Wasn't the whole idea that they could focus on other, REAL crimes?  If they can't tell if someone is driving hi then what the hell is the problem.  Why do they have to be "schooled" to "catch" hi drivers?  What a bunch of pussies! They don't want to give up their non-violent potheads and deal with real criminals. 

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Well they Need a Gravy Train for funds don't they?

I am sorry cops figure it out...

We are not passing Our laws to support your fat arse.

Suck it up!!


Ps. As a side note.

Why do we have bad word filters?

I mean come on a s s , has to be turned into Donkey?

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