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have you been smoking mold?


any allergies recently? sneezing, itchy eyes? 

the fluctuations in temps have made the fungii throw spores like crazy.

could be seasonal.


do you smoke or vape? try going edibles for a week , see if it helps.


you got pain pills for inflammation? are you in pain ? or what are the symptoms?

probably follow doctors orders or get a second opinion. we're just guessing here.


also if you must smoke, i remember people saying bongs cause more coughing.

so try vape instead of a bong, i hear its easier on the lungs.

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Could be the moisture in the bong hit, quality of meds maybe, do you smoke tobacco? Try shaved ice in the bong, stick with joints maybe... Wesco has that "hospital ice" stays colder longer it seems, somehow...

No tobacco never have. I cut back a lot on the bong the Last few days can't tell to much of a difference but I doubt it would happen over night. I'll try the shaved ice I been using some just ice cubes.

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CB1 and CB2 are both potential targets to treat inflammation in the lungs. THC is good, you could also try and find a strain with beta-caryophyllene in it to target the CB2 more. Or you could try systemic applications with a supplement that contains beta-caryophyllene. Echinacea purpurea and other natural sources also have CB2 activators in them.


I have a few strains that some patients have a difficult time with due to coughing. I'm not sure what's up with it other than maybe having a high amount of bronchodilators, but that's just a blind guess at this point.


It might be a good time to invest in a vaporizer.

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I went to the doctor today and was told I have a inflamed chest wall he gave Mr some pain meds. I don't like medication. Any idea what I could do to help this? Maybe take a break from my trusty old bong? Stop choking so much. They kept asking if I coughed a lot.


If smoking is bothering you I suggest trying a vaporizer or try some edibles.


No surprise they gave you pain meds. Those are safe but marijuana isn't. LOL I actually had a judge say this exact thing.

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