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Arthritis In Ankle

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Hello everyone, I've been researching around and have been looking for some advice regarding MMJ, and chronic pain relief.


I do not and will not take opiates for pain, I was involved in a work injury and had to endure two surgeries.


I now suffer from chronic arthritis and inflammation in my ankle joint ( has donor cartrlidge inserted) and was wondering if anyone could recommend something to help with the pain.


I work afternoons all day on my feet and after work at night is when the pain starts to set in.

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Around here we like cannabis for pain. There is a world of fun sorting through options if you go on a mission to find if there is a strain or strains that are right for you.. Methods of administration are many and varied. There are a number that work really well. It's all good.

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Hello and welcome.


2004 I broke and dislocated my ankle.  I do not however have any donor cartillage

and my ankle will just lock up on me.  Too long on my feet leaves that ankle about

the size of a softball and I am unable to walk. 


I use a topical balm made with cannabis.  Approximately 20/ 30 minutes after

application, the pain and swelling start to diminish. 

Beats anything I've ever tried, hands down.

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theres plenty of other plant extracts you can add to cannabis extract to try to make it work better as a topical lotion.


like capscaisin (hot pepper oil) or Peppermint, Wintergreen, citrus oils, and Lavender. some of the oils are also anti-inflammatory. there are various recipes out there. its just a matter of trying them out to find what works.

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