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I am looking for a new caregiver, my old caregiver has decided to cease operations. I am an ovarian cancer patient with advanced disease, recently it has spread to vital organs. I can hive you a copy of the report if you'd like to read it. Likely not, but you may, I want you to know exactly what I have.


I am on a fixed income so need to work accordingly.


Please send info.


It has been a while since I have been on here, so I am not positive of all of the rule changes, so please forgive me. If I need to post this elsewhere kindly let me know.


Thank you.

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I did a quick search and the majority of the research looks like is focused on blocking GPR55. However, CB1 is also expressed in ovarian cells so it is also a potential target. 






In plain English you may want to find a source for a botanical extract of cannabis high in THC, which you're already doing. However, THC doesn't block GPR55 the way that CBD or magnolia officinalis does, so you may want to source one or both of those as well. There are also ways of increasing the natural cannabinoids in your body, as well as other sources of CB1 activators like kava-kava. 


More information can be found here:


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Still no caregiver.


I have had my just ceased operations caregiver since 2010. Yhere have been many changes, and most likely surveillance is rampant.


Me, just an ovarian cancer patient on disability looking for a new caregiver. Am I to asdume there is NO ONE with a slot open that lives near Kalamazoo? I rather doubt it, but hey.....what do I know, it's been 4 years since I've really needed to find a new one.


1st caregiver.....jan-april 2010 fake, never produced anything and blamed me for his inability to pay rent.

2nd caregiver......may-november 2010. Great job caring within my disability limits. Looked for new caregiver because pricing structure was jacked up beyond my affordability.

3rd caregiver....nov-jan 2010/2011.great, but after 2 months dropped me because his wife gave ultimatum, marriage or caregiver. He chose marriage.

Back to 2nd Caregiver....jan 2011February 2014. Still worked with me to meet specific needs. I helped "pay more" by helping out when needed.


So, as you can see, I don't jump around much. My biggest hinderance is my ability to pay high costs. Look, I'm not an idiot. Charging reasonable prices is what I seek. Some are so high in $$, that it's obvious where the compassion lay, certainly not with helping people in my position.


I seek a fair compassionate caregiver willing to work with my ability to pay, as well as to take trade in goods/services to supplement what I am able to afford. The affordability factor for me, a cancer patient in end stage disease, is 1 of the most important factors. I have doctor appointments, and regular outpatient procedures, as well as pharmacy costs to cover. Oh yeah....food and shelter in there too.


I know it takes $ to grow, but I also know reasonable after years of watching both soil and hydro operations. Please don't try to justify staggering costs. I choose medical marijuana because it works to stabilize my tumor when used in oil form. In smoke form, I don't need to consume pain pills. I get to enjoy and be a part of life instead of sitting and/or sleeping my life away. I am able to live life pretty wholly despite the limitations. My limitations requires over $750/month alone to maintain. And visiting the hospital once a month for a required outpatient procedure is not exactly joyful.......But I am here! How/why? Through medical marijuana in at least 2 forms that keeps me alive. The doctors have nothing to offer, support me using cbd's to treat what they cannot.


I choose not to grow because I simply have no room in my 724sf home.


My apologies for going on here, but I am getting really frustrated with the LACK OF CARE and COMPASSION by caregivers who have profits in the forefront and have lost sight for the whole reason medical marijuana was approved.


Thank you for reading and perhaps understanding.

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I wouldn't be so hard on the cg program, with just a few examples of failure. In my experience caregivers are a different breed all together. They go above and beyond their call of duty in many ways, not just in patient service, but in their personal lives also.   I understand your frustrations, and hope you find relief soon. Only 250 posters viewed your post so far, hang in there.

If you've found cg's who mention unaffordable costs, move on. Growing expenses can vary from one garden to another. I never blame a grower for asking for a high price, but I do worry about them some.   Cream rises, you'll find what you need at the top of the cup, don't settle for anything less.


(my patients gladly give me 225 per ounce. They get a 25% up weight gratis with each delivery-for your reference. I drive no less than 2 hours for each delivery every month, hardly a profitable scheme.  


read some forum posts, ask questions, express opinions, send some caregivers you like a private message, this is how the best patients and caregivers are found imo. Some may know of others who can help, outside of this forum. 




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good point there pic, but...


can you substantiate this claim of "average production costs in MI" ?   I'm no statistician, but I think that could mean that some growers report costs of 500 dollars and ounce while beourbud grows for 60 dollars an ounce.

Growing an ounce of mj can be super cheap, but supporting a room that supplies 6 patients year round increases costs. Is your stat specific to patients growing a few plants of their own, or the busy bodies, or the wharehouse grows, or even legal/illegal ones?

op, it might help if you were specific what you can afford. "i can pay xxx."  

btw, the average prod cost per ounce is $103 in michigan, before labor costs and delivery.   

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Hello djkazoo, very sorry to see that it has taken so long for you to get a response from someone to help you out. I joined this forum after seeing this post and reading it entirely. I am fairly close to the Kalamazoo area (within an hour drive) and am interested in helping you out possibly. I have been organically growing, without use of pesticides or fungicides for 8 years now, and I do utilize lab testing to ensure quality and accurate numbers. I would like to know what your monthly needs end up being, and what you feel you could spend on that monthly requirement without causing strain on yourself financially?

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