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Colbert “The Market Has Spoken, And The Market Is Tokin’ ” (Video)

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By Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist Staff


Ah, Stephen Colbert. How happy are you with all the fodder coming out of Colorado these days?


Talking on Colorado’s January marijuana taxes announced last week, Colbert didn’t miss a beat — or a joke: “Folks, the market has spoken, and the market is tokin’. As a staunch capitalist I must now honor my longstanding pledge to instantly ditch my morals for anything profitable.” (Here’s the video link, in case you’re having trouble viewing on mobile)


Then Colbert shouted out to the Ents with this nugget as he wielded an apple: “From what I read on Reddit it’s easy to turn this badboy into a pipe.”


Of course Colbert can’t let his conservative character enjoy all this marijuana talk too much.


“Just because it comes from nature people think it’s harmless,” he said, “but if pot were so safe then why is everyone from the movie ‘Reefer Madness’ now dead?”

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