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Looking For Types Of Strains To Relieve Anxiety

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I totally understand and agree with you 100% !!! I have a new Doctor now whom is open to understand about MJ uses and a new MJ doctor as well. So much has changed since I joined this site like 2 years ago. I am being treated with meds for my daily panic attacks and anxiety and since I started my meds, the panic attacks have stopped completely but I still have daily anxiety and it seems to happen the same time everyday which to me, indicates it is the time frame of taking my meds. I take at 8 am everyday and usually by 2 or 2:30 PM DAILY, I am back to feeling Anxiety and this happens everyday. 


Anyhow, I have tried a few different strains and can't really figure out what is helping and what is making it worse. (These were purchased from a local dispensary). So one type made me actually on the verge of a Panic Attack and another type made me fall a sleep like a baby. I would like something in between. Asking the Dispensary about the two, he had no clue about either strain other than their name :( Furthermore, he could not even tell me when or if he might get the one I liked, (sleeping like a baby) back in stock. 


So frustrated now!


Thank you all for your input and I guess I am back to the drawing board for now!

A quality caregiver is what you need. Someone with many indicas to choose from, or willing to search until your ideal strain is found.

After that, maintaining a steady supply for you would be the easy part.

Good luck.

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