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Return Of Property


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Thank you for your interest in the Return of Property campaign and in joining in solidarity with other patients and caregivers throughout California to demand that your illegally confiscated medicine be returned by the court. Filing a Motion for Return of Property will not only help you get your property back, but will also send a clear message to law enforcement that their policy of violating medical marijuana law is unacceptable.

After our resounding victory in City of Garden Grove v. Superior Court, (2007) 157 Cal.App.4th, which followed from our People v. Kha case, Americans for Safe Access encourages you to take advantage of your legal rights and to try to get your medicine and other confiscated property back. Before this decision, your rights remained unclear, but no longer. You now have a definitive statement from the Court of Appeal that supports you and affirms your rights, and if you possessed less than your local guidelines allow, you have an excellent chance of success.

Keep in mind that you are not alone. Hundreds (if not thousands) of law–abiding medical marijuana patients throughout California are still wrongfully harassed and prosecuted, and have their medicine confiscated. However, if we stand up together and demand our rights, with the Court of Appeal decision in Garden Grove at our backs, we can transform ASA’s legal victory into a change of policy in every courtroom in California. Each time a patient engages in the Return of Property process, with or without success, we send a symbolic message to the judge that it is a waste of the court’s time when local law enforcement ignores California medical marijuana law. Eventually, judges will pass this message to District Attorneys, and District Attorneys back to law enforcement to Stop the Confiscations!



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Hey pic, if they haven't filed charges and didn't take your stuff you might and probably are still under investigation. Be careful. Close friend of mine was raided last year, they never filed charges but took his stuff. He paid 20k to get it all back just to find out he was part of a much bigger investigation a few months later. Took his stuff again, never filed the drug charges from earlier but stuck him a few charges related to this business he was a manager at. Long story short he's back in court fighting for his stuff again, including his house. Bad part is he had nothing to do with what was going on at the shop.

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I had a vehicle taken from me in roseville yrs ago for having my meds in a bottle with the lable ripped off!


I know there is a law that says you have to have your meds in the rx bottle with lable, just a week before I had a bottle of pain pills stolen from my vehicle and it had refills on it, the person that stole it got it refilled once ,  than I cancled the script, and that is the only reason I had them in a bottle with the tag ripped off, I got a speeding ticket, went thru all that crap, called about getting my van back they said I had to post a bond for it, like 4 k, and like a week later they came and arrested me for the meds I had when I got pulled over. bawahahahahaha


I posted bond and had to go thru the rx portion of the arrest, I truly didnt think they were going to do anything, I had like 3 yrs worth of prescription reciepts and showed them,,,(prob wasnt a good idea at the time) got me a court appted attny, had to go to the probation dept for a screening, they recomended 6 months, and my idiot attny  was trying to tell me what not to say in front of the judge,,,,,needless to say I didnt listen to him, when she (judge) asked me if I under stood the charges I said no,(i was supposed to say yes) when she said what dont you understand, I took out a fat envelope with all of my rx's from the last several yrs, that had that very rx in it every month for yrs,,,,she looked at the prosecutor and my attny and asked if they knew about this, when they said no, I said yes they did I showed them both, she said she couldnt go on with the trial, she aske me what I wanted to do, I said I need a new attny he doesnt have my best interest at heart,,,,she said I can fire him but they wont give me another court apptd one, I said that is ok I will hire one!


all of the rx charges were dropped, but I still had to post that bond on my mini van to try and get it back, I couldnt afford it, I never got it back and neither did co america or what ever bank I had payments with,,,,most times they make the bond so high on stolen property by leo we cant afford to fight to get it back, so not only did I lose my van, I still owed payments on it!


Fun times eh?



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