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Physician Meeting In Kalamazoo

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The CRC West Michigan is sponsoring a conference for physicians, chiropractors, and mental health providers at the Fetzer Center at WMU this Thursday.


Please spread the word to your physicians and other healthcare providers in SW Michigan to attend this free seminar to explore ways to respond to their patients' interested in participating in the MMMA.  


The goal is to enable physicians and other providers to respond to patient questions with information rather than dogma.  The panel will consist of physicians, attorneys and other professionals involved in the MMMA.


Topics of Discussion:


The role of cannabis in chronic pain management.

PTSD and cannabis.

Legal ramifications of physician participation and/or referral to the program.

The use of controlled substances and cannabis- how to best respond to the pain patient that gets a card.


Have your doctors contact the CRCWM at 269-366-5878 for information and directions.  This is an evening seminar.  Over 70 physicians are already signed up.


Dr. Bob Townsend

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