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Second-Hand Smoke

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I have a patient who suffers from MS. She uses very little mmj, even though it helps her, out of respect for her husband. They are apparently both afraid that her smoking will cause him to pee dirty and lose his job. I find it hard to believe that that would be a problem, but don't know for sure. Does anyone know if there is any evidence one way or the other on this? I admire her for caring about her husband in this way, but it would be a shame for her to not get the relief she needs because of bad information. 

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Medibles could solve her problem and might even work better.

My wife had to educate herself before switching jobs.

It is my understanding that urine tests are not sensitive enough to pick up second hand exposure.

Hair tests can detect amounts that small but don't trigger a negative.

Hair tests are accurate and go back six months, this is what most of the automotive industry uses.

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computer crashed and i forgot to post ...


she can setup a smoking room, a room with a can filter + fan and smoke in there with the fan on, or smoke outside.

also you could check the study about cannabinoids from vape vs smoke to see if vaping would cause less issues.


i think the problem mostly comes in if you hotbox, e.g. smoke with someone inside a real small space like a car with no ventilation. getting a contact high. sorry i dont know evidence about second hand smoke and drug tests however.


medibles or juiced raw cannabis sound like good alternatives. or just smoking outside or well ventilated room, like the bathroom with the vent fan on.

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