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Make Cannabis Oil Available To All Cancer Patients As A Treatment Option.

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Why this is important to me

Despite government and UN stance regarding cannabis as an illegal narcotic. It is now an established fact that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine, supported by a very large body of evidence and further supported by patent filed by the US government, 6630507, and while an outright cancer curing ability for all types of cancer in humans has yet to be proven 100%, there is more than enough evidence to support it's use as a cancer killing medicine, and it's safety, a fact supported by patent 20130059018. The latter patent was filed by two pharmaceutical companies, one of which, GW Pharmaceuticals currently grows cannabis under licence in the UK, and produce cannabis oil which is used to create the currently approved cannabis drug Sativex. There is no reason why, in exchange for being allowed to produce cannabis, GW Pharmaceuticals should not be made to produce pure cannabis oil which could be provided to all cancer patients who wish to use it as a treatment option, and could be easily, and with minimal expense, provided through NHS. Similar programmes could be introduce in all other countries. With assistance from fully trained doctors and with unhindered access to high quality cannabis oil medicines, the potential for cannabis medicine, particularly as a cancer treatment, can be realised and it's cancer curing potential can be proven once and for all. Currently cancer patients are suffering and dying while governments continue to prohibit this valuable medicine, and the only current access to cannabis based medicines is through expensive and compromised drugs like Sativex and Marinol, none of which represent high grade, natural medicine. Marinol is synthetic THC, while Sativex is natural cannabis extract/oil heavily diluted in an alcohol solution (the presents of the alcohol actually decreases the safety of the medicine, as well as drastically limiting it's potency, and there for it's medical potential). Both of these current cannabis drugs are approved as safe and effective medicines, and both are patented products. Their existence represent the hypocrisy of governments and medical authorities regarding cannabis as a medicine. While Cancer research organisations pander to the pharmaceutical industry, a genuine cancer treatment and potential cure remains ignored and suppressed. Please support this petition to finally answer the question - can cannabis cure all types of cancer in humans?


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mm has been tested in isreal and they have some of the best medical schools in the world, not only is isreal smaller than rhode island but they are surrounded by enemy's who have been trying to wipe out the country of isreal for many many yrs, only to get there buts handed to them in only a few days of war! (6 day war) Isreal has rockets shot at them every single day,,do you think we would let mexico or canada do that to us w/o taking over their country's? I dont!


Just imagine the cash we could save by legalizing mmj, we would save a fortune in jails for not locking up the lil guys that have no other choice but to be human donkeys for the drug cartels, the money we spend on ilegals in hospitals and schools, the no child left behind is for tax paying american citizens, not people who jump a fence and blend into society untill they get pulled over or break the law in another way,,,,with that said, we should also make imigrants from mexico be able to get here easier to work the farms and alot of the seasonal work they come here to do, we need to send them back home to their country when the work is done and let them come back, with the co operation of the people who will hire them and how long they will need them for, If they ring up hospital bills while here, there bosses who hire them should have to either pay their bills or deduct their pay untill it is paid off, if I go to the hospital and cant afford it, I get charged, and I am  an american citizen born and bred here and so are my parents and thier parents, If my hospital bills are going against my credit line when I dont pay them, well if an imigrant finds them self in the same position they should have to pay or not be allowed back, plus maybe we should have more free clinics for americans and imigrants, No one should be treated or payed for in the u.s if they do not pay taxes in the u.s!


ramble over!



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