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Are Seeds From Female Plants All Female?

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Hi everyone;

First I should mention that before last year I had never tried to grow weed, hadn't even thought about it. Everything I've learned till now, I've learned from the interweb, and now I'm confused as hell.

Last year someone gave me and my missus 3 young plants, which we planted outdoors, in a clearing in a nettle patch. To our astonishment they thrived with very little care, one of them reaching 2m or more in height, and we came away with about 300g of very acceptable weed. About 4 hours of direct sunlight a day, no chemicals, just checking for fungus every day.

We also got about 30-40 seeds in total. More or less one seed/10g of dry weed. Most got eaten when I planted them this spring as seedlings in a nearby forest (won't do that again!), but we have a few left, growing in the same nettle patch.

I've recently heard that seeds from females are always female seeds. Is this true? I'm worried about a male plant sneaking past my defenses as I'm not too sure I could identify one in time. To be honest I don't even know when 'in time' would be...

If it's true, does that mean I have nothing to worry about?

I've just been reading a lot about hermaphrodite plants and feminised seeds, but my head is spinning and I don't really get it.

I'd be grateful for any help.


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Last season, if you'd had a male plant in with your lady plants, you likely would have gotten more seeds than you are describing, many more.  So, you likely had no strictly male plants last season. 


That means one of your plants last season had probably just a branch turn male and drop a little pollen (hermie), creating your seeds.  If that is the case, you had seeds created by a hermie pollinating a female plant.  That would create feminized seed and the offspring this season will very likely be female. 


As Kingdiamond mentions, sometimes these offspring from feminized seed are more likely to hermie themselves.  Check throughout the plant for signs of male pollen popping up late in the season, not just on a single branch. 

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Do males have seeds?  Where do males come from?

Males make pollen which can spread to females and make seeds.  

Males come naturally around 50% of occasions from non-feminized (standard) plants.

Standard plants (non-feminized) throw populations that are about half females and half males.  you will only know which are which by growing out the seeds and observing, and yes, you can learn to spot the males early because they themselves are the early indicators of sex, and show little yellow bananas (male sex organs) about day 6 or 7 of flowering; females show sex about a week later.  When you plant standardized seeds you must watch for sex organs to prevent the little yellow bananas making seeds in your grow.

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there are ways to cause females to make female pollen, and when you spread female pollen on females plants you get female seeds---only.  you can spray female plants with colloidal silver (cs) for 15 days to cause a female plant in flower to make female pollen.  female pollen spread on another female plant in flower makes female seeds, easily 10-20,000 female seeds.

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Last year someone gave me and my missus 3 young plants, which we planted outdoors,


If they were grown outdoors they could have been pollinated naturally.

You may not have been the only one within distance of a bee's flight that was growing cannabis.



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Beautiful pic, WB!  There shall forever be a new image in my mind when I hear the buzz of a bee. 


Purely from a layman's view, I'd think that there would be such an extremely small amount of cannabinoids present in any given hive that it would be undetectable. Proof of this would be the lack raids by law enforcement on bee farms. I can see them running around in their "bee swat" uniforms. And surely one of the charges would be illegal transport.  


Ok, I'll stop.   


A safe & happy Memorial Day weekend to all.   :)

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Thanks everyone for your comments, very informative!


"they could have been pollinated naturally..." - this is quite possible, I live in Holland and it wouldn't surprise me. If I spoke better dutch I'd have asked on local websites. But browsing around I came on yours, and you all seemed to know what you're talking about, and may I say, I am not disappointed :-)


I shall keep an eye on the plants every day and watch out for male genitalia.


All the best everyone, and thanks again. :-)

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Do males have seeds?  Where do males come from?


Hi mate;


if you have questions of your own perhaps you'd like to open a new topic rather than hijacking mine? ;-)


LOL WONKA.  Bob was not actually asking the question to find out the answer.  Maybe if you thought about his question a little more, you would have the answer to your question....  Thanks for the laugh.

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