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How Was Your Weekend, Did The Mosquito's Tear You Up?

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It could not have been a nicer weekend for memorial day, I cut my lawn on sunday and went kyaking with my son and one of his friends on mon, if it had not been for the mosquito's and black fly's it would have been a realy good time kyaking where we went off of the beaten path!


Im wondering how many people are going back down to there homes all tore up from the biting bugs!


I got to say I havent itched this much since my opoid addiction days, in fact I dont think I had more bumps on me that itch since getting the chicken pocks at 28 yrs old, that was miserable, but today I am remebering that like it was yesterday, Im off to the drug store to find some help for the after bites, any home made or store bought anti itch products that any one says work Im open for suggestions, Please Please Help bawahahaha!


I have several hundred bug bites and im scratchin my arse off!



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Sorry.  I'm not allergic to them they are only a neusance.  I itch for about 5-10 minutes and they are gone.   I was hoping there wouldn't be a different type here I was allergic to.  Same types I think, Asian Tigers and whatever the small one is that has it's larval stage in wet soil and doesn't need puddles.  But wow, just as bad in the country here as it was in the swamp I lived in in NY.  Can't stand still while walking the dog in the backyard.

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