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There you have it! At least they "won" after getting dragged through the mud.



My mom managed to hide her MJ consumption from me until I was about 12. I was able to hide my grow from her for about 4 months when I was 14 - the cords running surrepticiously underneath a locked door under the stairs gave me away :).


All you need is to keep about 125 sq ft (see picture) a locked secret within your home to serve 5 patients + yourself in a perpetual harvest. Perferably in finished basement as it is much more costly to cool an attic properly.


I've installed false spaces just for this purpose before. In the case below we used 26 12"x12" pots small plant style in flower in a drain to waste hydro, he harvests 2-3 small plants a week for 2-3 oz. This fully automated system cost about 4K to build, since my construction labor and grow expertise was given away for free and we harvested a split AC from a mobile home purchased for $1, and otherwise purchased all used equipment. Even our reservoirs were old food grade barrels bought for 30 ea and cleaned out. Old ~20 psi MD-30 marine iwaki pumps (ebay) where used for irrigation and waste water is pumped to the yard via a Moeller Z (zorotools.com) sump pump placed in an appropriately sized bucket. A single 200W 10" fan (craigslist) attached to a carbon filter provides all the circulation and stank mitigation for the entire room. A 4' 8 bulb t5 light was used in the 2x4' tent and a 1000W HPS light ($20 bulb GE with $125 dollar quantom ballast) with cheapo batwing reflector was used for flower. A single 2' t5 light is used for cloning. It runs for about $200 bucks monthly including electricity, substrate (rockwool clones, perlite everywhere else), nutrients (I mix 1 gallon nutrients for him, and sell at a profit for $15 dollars a gallon), and CO2 tank refills.


It's all about planning for reality, and the reality is that this room, thanks to it's modest output and extreme stealth, will be useful for 10-20 years.

He is severely disabled and not moving anytime soon. No one but him and i know where this place exists. He spends maybe 2 hours a week on the whole op, and has left the entire operation for 2 weeks alone with no loss.






We started with a regular door, found on the side of the road, but he later installed a classic bookshelf hidden door to completely hide the op. 


I say all this because if you go this route - DO NOT do it alone. Free expertise is available here...

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Having kids in a grow present day in Michigan is a mistake.

I know as of last month baby bree still isn't home. The judge said she needed time to be reacquainted with her mother and made some dumb ruing to keep baby in foster care.

Even in Cali there are mixed emotions on this topic, out there it is more widely accepted, but is still a problem.


You are facing Felony jail time even while doing everything by the book. The police will scare the kids and they will pee their pants. Then they will have nightmares about pigs. The kids deserve better! I believe it is legal, but they will do whatever they want. If the idea of your kids being ripped from your arms and put in the foster program sounds like a good idea then by all means have at it.


Also, the LEO are dirty, lying, tricksters FOR FUN! What do you think they are capable of if the take the stance that they need to get you because what you are doing "to the children" is WRONG then they will violate your rites and lie even more in the name of the children they protect by taking them to FOSTER CARE!


This is just one example of how LEO can manipulate their job to screw patients over. They lie on the stand as part of their training. How bad do you think they would lie on you if they thought, "that stoner needs to get a job and stop risking their kids safety" while holding an AR15, then they can kidnap them "for their own good" then the courts can say yeah will give the baby back, make headlines, but not give the baby back!!!!!


And lets face it we have all herd more than one uncle stinky finger foster care story

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    • By GregS
      Child custody and cannabis use for medical purposes is a serious issue, Things can get complicated in a hurry. The attached link provides lots of solid information regarding the law as it concerns it.
    • By CaveatLector
      Some of this was discussed in the Koon thread but I figured this needs its own treatment so it stands out. This is an important issue with the decision in the Koon case upholding the per se or "any presence" statute in regard to patients.

      So let's discuss tips on how to protect yourself from a drugged driving charge. Remember, if you have any active THC in your system then you are drugged, regardless of your level of impairment. THC will remain in your system for a few days following your last ingestion of cannabis. You won't feel high but it is there and if a blood draw is done then you could be charged with a crime.

      Probable cause is necessary to do a blood draw. Your goal is to reduce the likelihood of a finding of probable cause.
      Before you drive:

      1. DON'T DRIVE STONED! It isn't safe anyway so just don't do it.

      2. Make sure that neither you nor your car smell like freshly burned marijuana.

      3. At the very least wear a smoking jacket if you smoke marijuana. Also, wear a hat. Take them off when you are done. This obviously goes for the ladies too. No need to buy a new jacket just use one that you can leave at home and not drive in. An oversized oxford shirt would work as well but the thicker the garment the better.

      4. Shower and change clothing if that is possible. At the very least wash your face and hands.

      5. Brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash.

      6. Wear a light cologne and chew gum or suck on breath mints.

      7. Regularly spray the interior of your car with an odor absorbing air freshener.

      8. Be friendly and cooperative with the police if stopped. Don't underestimate the value of being friendly and cooperative and NOT becoming defensive or offensive.

      9. Do not offer information. If they know you have a card and ask when you last medicated simply state that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent.

      10. Become a caregiver. If they can smell fresh marijuana in your car then indicate that you are a caregiver and show your caregiver card. That way they don't know you are a patient, and therefore a user. If they know you are a patient they are more likely to probe for info to lead to reasonable suspicion to field test you and ultimately blood test you if they can establish probable casue.

      11. Use alternative forms of ingestion rather than smoking your meds. If you enjoy smoking then reserve that for times when you know you won't be driving. Maybe smoke at night before bed, etc.

      12. Drive safely to avoid police stops. Don't speed, etc. Avoiding the police should be your number 1 goal.

      13. Do not drink and drive. If you have alcohol in you there is a heightened chance of them getting a blood draw to confirm your BAL. That alone could lead to a check for THC. Remember, .08 is the per se legal limit. If you drive with a .08 or above then you will be charged with OWI. However, you can still be charged with OWI if your blood alcohol level is below .08 if it can be proven that the alcohol substantially lessened your ability to drive. So you could blow a .07 on a PBT and then end up at the station and do a .07 on the more reliable datamaster and then end up getting a blood draw as well. Do don't drink and drive. And if you only had "one or two beers" don't drive like a fool. Don't text or talk on your cell. Pay attention to the road.

      I'm sure I'm missing some good tips so I'll add them later if I think of any. In the meantime others should feel free to contribute advice.
    • By Candee
      Is there a way to apply for a license that would allow someone to obtain product from another state and sell it (or provide it for dispensaries to sell) here?
      For example, low THC products can be very hard to find.  If there is a product that is in compliance with another state's requirements and ours (like a low THC chocolate that is tested, wrapped properly, made in an appropriate setting (clean, commercial kitchen) and labeled) can someone apply to bring that product here fill a void?    

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