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Industrial Hemp Could Take Root, If Legal Seeds Weren't So Scarce


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The most recent farm bill is allowing a handful of farmers across the country to put hemp, the nonpsychoactive cousin of marijuana, in the ground.


The bill allows small-scale experimentation with the plant. But despite the new law, many farmers say they're getting mixed messages from the federal government.



1942 Hemp for Victory Gov't Video: 


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It's really hard for me to understand why this is even a fight. It's the stupidest law I am aware of.


If I had a buyer I'd personally deliver thousands upon thousands of hemp clones. They can arrest me if they want I suppose. In the MJ community, there must be a ton of other risk-takers out there willing to do the same. Just line the floors and walls of a little greenhouse with hemp clones in RW cubes on giant trays or whatever. 25 cents a pop, or what have you, I can have marginalized workers take 1000s of cuts an hour per person. It's really a non-issue, excepting I suppose for the need of some secrecy. If we want even more faster I'd contact the resident tissue culture expert and make a bijilion hemp plants. 


The selection stock? I'm sure I could have a freelancer in a country where hemp is legally bred give me bags of it that could easily be imported - albiet probably illegally. It's not that hard. We could even flower the best plants out and have them tested for THC.

We will make our own dayum seeds from then on.


This honestly sounds like a non-issue when we all know there are vast fields and amber waves of MJ growing happily all across North America. They'll get over this, "legal" seeds or not - really a technicality if what you are growing is truly hemp and not a hemp field with some OG strewn about :-). 

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