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What Happened To Stony Creek Station In Shelby?

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Word on streets.... they got raided and searched, siezures made (of coarse matched), a few hours in jail, no charges at all...

Shady situation with the local pigs...

They approved them and let em run half a year then shut em down (with free cars and cash)...

The dumb donkey cops approve them, just to take their money and then kidnap them with no charges.... all on the down low.... SHADY!!!





Cash rich dispensaries get away with murder because the sissy circuit court da's don't want to fight them! The law will soon favor dispensaries while PATIENTS (HUMANS)  will be arrested violated bankrupt and made felons. The Macomb County District Attorney is afraid to take on Stoney Creek Dispensary!!!! Plus they are having no problem sodomizing sick poor blue collar people that don't have 50K dollars for a fight! And every townie thinks dispensaries are legal.


Why does everyone here have such a phauqed up view on section 8. Wake up demand section 8 to be what we voted for! Why should dispensaries get sect 8 because they r rich? If the Supreme Court doesn't use tuttle and Hartwick to pimp slap the court of appeals....= MMMA IS WORTHLESS!!! They have held this ex post facto as long as humanly possible and even reject Johnson at MSC, only hope for that is Bluewater, but COA will hoe them too. It seems they can keep making fake ID's and cards too... and they have been locking people up for 6 years while barely defining section 4 and NOT EVEN HAVING ONE SECT 8 DEFINITION.... this is outrageous and should be criminal.

Someone will eventually go POSTAL... SOON... then the pigs will think twice about military style raids for a flipping plant



11/18 9AM 16th circuit Judge Caretti. 

Preliminary hearing. Stoney Creek Station Dispensary.

Shelby Police have entered hundreds of patients confidential information into evidence on public record in violation of sec 6.

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Here is a pearl of wisdom:   If a dispensary wants copies of your card and/or records, as opposed to just looking at them (Does the local liquor store copy your DL when you buy alcohol or cigarettes

so it was time to beat them down...

20:  some of us are curious what it was and why you care?

SPRINGFIELD, Mich. — Three medical marijuana dispensaries operating near Battle Creek in the small community of Springfield were raided Wednesday by members of the Southwest Enforcement Team.

Law enforcement said they found around 150 marijuana plants, more than 20 IED’s, or improvised explosive devices, seven guns, and 57,000 rounds of ammunition.

Michigan State Police issued a release, saying there was evidence the three dispensaries were conducting illegal marijuana sales.

Happy Daze, also known as the Riverview Wellness Center, and the Southwest Compassion Care Center, both located on North 20th Street were raided Wednesday morning.

“It was pretty scary the guys in the ski masks, pretty intimidating, putting guns in your face, and stuff like that when we`re non threatening people,” said Matt McMurtrie, owner of the Southwest Compassion Care Center.

McMurtrie said it was around 10 am when law enforcement came to the door with guns drawn.

He said they tore the place apart and took medical marijuana, electronics and money not only from the business, but from employee’s pockets.

“I kind of feel like it was just thieves with badges,” said McMurtrie.

He said it was all very surprising since he felt they had been following the law.
“We`ve never had one single complaint form the City of Springfield or from Battle Creek in the whole time we`ve been established, ” said McMurtrie.

The Karmacy on West Dickman was also raided.

The owner on that business is listed as Kiel Howland.
State Police say they found more than 20 explosive devices, ammunition and guns there.

Karmacy attorney, Bruce Leach, defended the business, saying the guns there were registered legally and the notion that the Karmacy was hoarding IED’s was “ridiculous.” He said they were legal fireworks someone had purchased for the upcoming fourth of July holiday.

Perhaps most surprising to those involved, the raid on Springfield City offices to get the paperwork on the dispensary licenses.

McMurtrie said the city officials were treated just like people at the pot dispensaries, their documents taken and pictures taken as well.

He said for those who felt they were following state law, it’s a confusing situation.

“They are treating them like also like criminals, city manager, the secretary, the treasurer everybody who works for the city of Springfield,” said McMurtrie. “They are almost trying to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens and I think that`s the wrong thing to do.”

McMurtie said now that the raid has happened, he’s most concerned for the medical marijuana patients who no longer have access to their medication because it was taken.



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