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Rumors Of An Intergalactic Explosion Are Greatly Exaggerated

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I don't know what the "greatly exaggerated" part means, but I do know all about that exact type of galactic explosion. Very interesting. They were first discovered by our government from a spy satellite mostly watching over Russia to be sure they were complying with the no more nuke testing sanctions. It kept getting triggered off, but it was not coming from plant Earth. Nobody knew what it was and there was a race between scientists to see what it was. They did not know if it was in our galaxy or in others. The explosions were unpredictable and completely random. If they were coming from other galaxies, it would be something unexplainable. The most powerful explosion they were aware of was an exploding star turning into a black hole. The scientists discovered that the explosions were not coming from our galaxy. Nobody knows exactly what they are, but what they do know is that these explosions are far more powerful than any star or anything else they are aware of. I have a DVD that explains it all. I can't remember the title and I don't want to give the wrong one and be misleading. I would have to watch them all to be sure which it was. This stuff has always interested me. If one of these unknown explosions took place anywhere near our sector in our galaxy, everything would be wiped out. These explosions are sending gamma rays across the universe. Me personally, I believe it is the center of a galaxy turning back into a black hole. Then again, maybe it is another type of star that we are not yet aware of.

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