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Oils And Edibles Legal?

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The bill also provides that a person could not be prosecuted for a transfer or use of marihuana or usable marihuana equivalents in an amount authorized by law and in conformity with the MMMA or the Medical


Marihuana Provisioning Center Regulation Act, if that Act were enacted. 


Ive seen this inn writing before Law 1 of 2008 said you can't be arrested if you have a card or a Recommendation after the 21 days 

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That bill originated in the House and testimony was heard in the House Judiciary Committee (someone help me out here. Was it February?). People from around the state appeared to give oral testimony and written testimony was accepted. People spoke up for their loved ones who need to ingest cannabis by methods other than smoking and I found it very compelling. The House passed the bill and it was, as is required, sent to the Senate for its decision. The House Majority Leader, Sen. Richardson, has been sitting on it and refusing to let it move forward. He has allies in the Senate, most notably Rick Jones. The Senate is stacked with republicans who take a dim view of all things cannabis. You know, the party that doesn't get reason because they're too damm backward and stupid to understand.


The next best fix, as we see it, is in State v Carruthers, where he was charged with possession of infused baked goods. We hope and expect that the Supreme Court will again overturn the chickenschit decision of the Court of Appeals, which is why we participated in raising funds to help Mr. Carruthers win that case. The Court should hear the case sometime soon, and a decision will be available several weeks to a few months later.

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