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Secret Service Wants Sarcasm-Detecting Web Tool (No, Really!)

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Oftentimes sarcasm does not translate well into print. Either that or the reader just doesn't get it. There may be metrics that can be derived from print. I'd be interested to see the entire proposal.. 


But is has become obvious with the NSA and Snowden thing that Orwell had everything but the date right. I am having a hard time imagining how this could be used against us. It sounds to me at this point to be as unreliable as polygraphs.

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Side note story on Cheap trick:  I met these guys when they were on a USO tour in Japan.  I had an off-duty job as a ticket seller at a base theatre where they played and got to meet them back-stage.  Rick gave me an autographed stage towel and a bunch of guitar picks.  Later, someone went into my cubicle in the barracks and stole all of it.  But, it's a good memory anyway.  :)

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