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Arizona Judge Orders Ptsd Onto Qualifying Conditions List


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arizona's law is very similar to ours.

700 positive comments from public, 2 letters against adding ptsd to qualifying list.

(now i really want to read those two!!)



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arizona and michigan both have review panels


arizona's review panel unanimously denied ptsd, got appealed in court


michigans review panel approved adding ptsd to the qualifying list :)


i'm still curious how the appeals process is going to work for this. do the arizona dept of health / LARA get to appeal court decisions about the qualifying list to the supreme court ?


it doesnt say they get to deny a court order and appeal again in our law.

so if a qualifying condition gets approved by the court in michigan, i hope the people appealing the decision mention that to the court.

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I believe that the reveiw panel of Michigan HAD TO approve PTSD because if they did not then they would be in the same position as Arizona's review panel, just looking like an obstruction to clear wording in the law. It made the previous denials stick because they showed that they could actually approve a condition as the law dictates.

As I read through the documented testimony it's nice to see some doctors testify for patients instead of making comments mostly against patients and the conditions they would like added because cannabis works for them.

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