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Christie Says Mmj Programs Front For Legalization


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Trenton -- Following reports that New Jersey's medical marijuana program is suffering from low enrollment, Gov. Chris Christie called the program and similar programs across the U.S. "a front for legalization.


"New Jersey passed its medical marijuana law in 2009, and former Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, signed it just before Christie, a Republican, took office. The first dispensary opened in December 2012.


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Ok. Let's go with medical as a front for outright legalization. Let's assume that everyone who votes for medical MJ is smart enough to see the writing on the wall. I guess this means that a vote for medical is a vote for recreational. Accept this and move along.. Nothing else to see here.


The more often our antis characterize medical support as support for outright legalization, the better the long-term outlook. I for one welcome this misplaced rhetoric. Like with Schuette.... I'll take him at face value that his campaign against MMJ was an effort to highlight legalization as the intended result. I think he did a very good job. He warned voters that voting for MMJ equaled voting for legalization. So the 60+ percent of Michiganders understood that voting for medical meant that the door was open for open legalization. Bill, you spoke your position, and the people listened. They understood that voting for MMJ was likely to open the door to recreational. You ran an effective campaign, but the majority didn't agree. Time to focus on other issues..

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Sorry but we have experienced the same pain in Michigan.  Politicians, certain they know best (See Bill Schuette Michigan Attorney General), do their best to slow down and obstruct the intent of the law.  Then to top it off, they remain willfully ignorant of the potential of cannabis to treat disease so that they can justify in their own mind their obstructionism.  If they were to actually learn the truth, they would have to admit that they have been terribly wrong to the point of causing undue suffering to their constituents.

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Maybe he should allow a vote on legalization in that case.


Or simply detail the costs of NJ's prohibition. 


The costs of cannabis prohibition are something neither the big government Democrats or the arrest-and-punishment Republicans want mentioned.


The thing that really concerns me about Christie is he is apparently convinced he would be a transformational president if elected.  

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A year ago, Stormes and several other parents with sick children had begged Christie to sign a bill to allow an edible form of marijuana, which they said was more appropriate than having their children smoke. After some hesitation, he agreed, but then vetoed a provision that would grant adults access to edibles too.

Jackson, who is nonverbal, will soon turn 18, she said. At Sayreville, she told Christie the age restriction should be lifted.

He responded: "If there becomes a large adult population that needs this type of edible [marijuana], I'll consider it."



Kids can't vote so f*ck 'em.

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So what can we glean from this..


1 Dem gets MMJ in fknrepublicans are opposed


2 We the People recognize the medicinal properties of Cannabis and will vote for it.



3 Groups like MPP, NORMAL, ASA, etc ARE trying to use Medical MJ to open up to recreational.

They know the vote is not there for recreational so they try to exploit poor patients and contaminate the system.

BTW, thanks for the resources but We the People don't want recreational or dispensaries We want to grow our own 12 plants or have a CG do it for us.

I know you want some redemption for your ill fated efforts but SORRY...Move On, Get over it...

The attempts to run schemes like daisy chains and corrupting the Compasion clubs , provision centers and locker model are all fails and reveal your true motives.


4 The dispensary model has been problematic in EVERY State it has been implemented.

We the people see it and understand it...we don't want it!

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