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Review Of Tedeschi Trucks Band At Meijer Garden In Grand Rapids, Mi., On, June 19, 2014

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this is going to be a great time If you love music  this  laid back peaceful place  


https://www.blissfest.org/    By far  the BEST Music Venue  in the State of Michigan,, 


The 34th Annual Blissfest July 11-13, 2014




   Main Stage   Friday Saturday Sunday 2:00pm E-Minor 9:30am Open Mic - Host Kirby 9:30 Open Mic 3:00pm Fauxgrass 11:30am Scott Cook 11:30 Community Chorus 4:30pm Hardy Dam Ramblers 12:30pm The Appleseed Collective 12:00pm Honey Spine 5:30pm The O'Shraves 2:00pm Claudia Schmidt & Dean McGraw 1:00pm Felix Y Los Gatos 6:30pm Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band 3:00pm Abigail Stauffer Trio

2:30pm Blair Crimmons & the Hookers

8:00pm Todd Snider  4:00pm Andrew Noah Band 4:00pm Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate  9:30pm Donna The Buffalo 6:00pm Tartanic

5:30pm Brown Rice Family

  7:00pm Star & Micey 7:00pm Heywood Banks   8:30pm Fishtank Ensemble  8:30pm The Duhks   9:30pm Mulebone 10:00pm Closing Ceremony    10:00pm Billy Strings & Don Julin     10:30pm Rusted Root     12:30am  Melissa Richardson Poi Performance   
   Second Stage   Friday Saturday Sunday 2:00pm Yoga Roots 9:00am Mary Reilly Northwoods Yoga  9:00am Mary Reilly Northwoods Yoga 3:00pm The O'Shraves 10:00am Family Dance w/ Jan, Dale, Mo & Friends 10:00am Dances of Universal Peace 5:30pm Billy Strings & Don Julin 11:00am Dances of Universal Peace 11:00am Open Mic - Host J.D. Lamb 6:30 pm Abigail Stauffer Trio 12:00pm The O'Shraves  

12:00pm Waltz Dance- Bob Bernard, John Richey and Friends

7:30 pm Madcat Midnight Blue Journey 1:00pm DuoPalooza TBA 1:00pm  Jan Fowler's Square Dance - Hardy Dam Ramblers 9:00 pm Fishtank Ensamble 3:30pm Africian Dance Party w/Tree of Life  

2:30pm Duo Palooza- Duo Songwriters

10:30pm Andrew Noah Band 5:00pm Felix Y Los Gatos 3:30pm Duo Palooza- Duo Songwriters 12:00am Laith Al Saadi 7:00pm Blair Crimmons and the Hookers 4:30 Duo Palooza- Duo Songwriters  1:30am Poi Performance Melissa Richardson 8:30pm Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers  5:30pm Blood Sisters   9:30pm Tree of Life 6:30pm Darleneya   

10:00pm Brown Rice Family

7:30pm Tartanic    11:30pm Donna the Boffalo  8:30pm Star & Micey    1:00am Galactic Shelpas  9:30pm Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate      11:00pm Airborne or Aquatic?
  Third Stage     Friday Saturday Sunday  3:00pm TBA   10:00am Joe Reily - Wee Kids 10:00am TBA 4:00pm Vahana Kirtan 11:00am Madcat Ruth - Just for Kids 11:00am Cooperton Puppets  5:00pm Peter Rowan Meet and Greet 12:00pm Star Crossed Kids - Mary Adams 12:00pm Susan Harrison - Kids Song  6:00pm Soul Patch 1:00pm Family Show w/ Crazy Richard, 1:00pm Kids Talent Showcase w/ Kevin K  7:30pm Laith Al Saadi - Solo Susan Harrison, Tommy Tropic,  2:30pm Rhythmic Adventures - Kids Drum  9:00pm Josh Davis & Mike Lynch The Magic Lady, Kirby 4:00pm The Duhks  10:00pm The Bennett Band Malgdalena, Charlie Milard 5:00pm Appleseed Collective  11:30pm Tartanic 3:00pm Fauxgrass 6:00pm Blair Crimmons & the Hookers  12:30am Jester 4:00pm Abigail Stauffer Trio  7:00pm Erin Ivey    5:00pm Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers 8:00pm Seth & May   6:30pm Honey Spine 9:00pm Songtree Hosts - Singing in the Round   7:30 Madcat Mindnight Blues Journey     9:00pm Darleneya     10:30pm Felix Y Los Gatos     11:30pm Moors & McCumber     12:30am Star & Micey  
   Club Bliss   Friday  Saturday  Sunday  2:30pm Plant Based Diet Workshop  10:00am Jess Miller 10:00am Community Chorus - Mo & Dale  3:30pm Magic Workshop  11:00am Magic Workshop - Jania 11:00am Inner Faith Universal Service - Vahana Kirtan  4:30pm Ruby Williams 12:00pm Blissfest Community Chorus  12:00pm Ukes for Youths - Robin Berry  5:30pm Club Bliss Open Stage 1:00pm Teen Druming - Dede Alderman  Ukes Provided  6:00pm Laura Fullord 2:00pm Emerging ArtistsKellerville  1:00pm Yound Adult Tallent Show  6:30pm Sara Creamer 3:00pm Erin Ivey  Host Elena Lee Hemphry  7:00pm Club Bliss Open Stage 4:00pm Bennett Band  2:30pm Kellerville  8:30pm Old Time Music Jam w/ Andrew Noah 5:00pm The Accidentals  3:30pm Moors and McCumber  9:00pm Hardy Dam Ramblersand local friends 6:00pm Moors & McCumber  4:30pm Honey Spine  10:00pm TBA 7:00pm Younce Guitar Duo  6:00pm TBA  11:00pm Community Sing 8:00pm Donna Duo   with Dale, Mo, and Menefee, Darleneya 9:00pm TBA    1:00am TBA 10:00pm Dixion's Violin      11:00pm Appleseed Colective     12:30pm TBA     1:30pm Blissfest Movie - Eric Loubert  
  Blisstro-Dome     Friday  Saturday  Sunday 4:30pm So you want to be a Busker-Tommy & Crazy  9:00am  Tai Chi w/ Meg McClorey 9:00am Tia Chi w/ Meg McClorey  5:30pm TBA 11:00am Intuitive Guitar Improvisation-  10:00am The Bearded Lades Man 6:30pm TBA Younce guitar Duo 12:00pm Guitar - Dean McGraw, Josh Davis  7:30pm Beginning Uke for all ages 12:00 Intermediate Harmonica w/ Kirby 2:00pm Harmony Song -DarleneYa, Dede A.  w/ Robin Berry & Magdalen-Baritone Ukes Provided & Madcat Ruth - Harmonicas $5 3:00pm Claudia SchmidtDulcimer  8:30pm Native Flute -Matt Koontz-Sat Craft  1:00pm Pete Farmer - Foot Percussion 4:00pm Tex Mex - Felix Y Los Gatos  9:30pm Showcase: Youth Guitar Duo 2:00pm Old Time Fiddle  Tunsters-w Jonh Richey, Danny Johnson 5:00pm Guitar Looping Workshop - Ken Harris  10:30pm Showcase 1 Ken Harris & Friends  6:00pm Showcase 1 Erin Ivey  11:30pm Showcase 2 3:00pm Gypsy Fiddle - Fishtank Ensemble   7:00pm Showcase 2  12:30am Shawcose 3 4:00pm Horn Summit - Galactic Horns, Hooker Horns     5:00pm TBA     6:00pm Celtic Connection - The O'Shraves     7:00pm The Essential Blue - Mulebone     8:00pm Showcase 1 Dr. Goodhart     9:00pm Showcase 2 The Accidentals     10:00pm Showcase 3 Scott Cook     11:00pm Late Night - Ken Harris     12:00am Acoustic Coffeehouse  
   Drum Kiva   Friday  Saturday  Sunday  3:00pm TBA  10:00am Drum Tuining and Care LogJam 10:00am Rise and Shine Rhythym  4:00pm TBA  11:30am Beginning Djembe - Jim & Darlenya Gentle Movements w/ LogJam  5:00pm Kiva Opening Jam w/ LogJam  1:00pm Vahana Kirtan- Benifits of Chanting 11:00am World Drums -w/ Funadesi  6:00pm Middle Earstern Drumming /w Dede & Greg  3:00pm Drum Parade - LogJam Arts Midwest Touring Fund  7:00pm Farmer Foot Drums - Pete Farmer  4:30pm Candaleria - Clumbia Beat 12:30pm Belly Dancing Workshop   8:00pm Beginning Drumming - Jonh Jungwirth w/LogJam  5:30pm World song circle Jenabah & Don from 2:00pm TO Life - Dig and Drum  9:00pm Afro-Cuban Dance Along for Adults  Tree of Life Drum and Dance Society 3:00pm Djembe Workshop Lead By Celeste Bondie & Friends  7:00pm Dances of Universal Peace Dylan Korma and Tree of Life Drummers   10:00pm Facillitated Drum w/ LogJam  The Peaceful Sisters  4:00pm Afro Cuban Drumming 11:00pm Facilitated Drum w/ LogJam 9:30pm Facilitated Drum-LogJam Intro Folkoric Style w/ Greg Vadnias   12:00am Old Timey Jam w/ John Richey, Ron & Jan & Friends 11:00pm Facilitated Drum-LogJam 5:30pm Open Drum    12:00am Hardy Dam Ramblers 7:00pm Open Drum      8:00pm Facilitated Drum     9:00pm Closing Ceremony


  Song Tree     Friday Saturday  Sunday   2:00pm Host Kirby 12:00pm Host J.D. Lamb  12:00pm Host Rick Meisterhiem   3:30 Open Stage 12:30pm The Accidentals 12:30pm Susan Harrison   4:00pm Host Dale Scott 1:00pm Michelle Chenard 1:00pm Charlie Millard  5:30 Open Stage 1:30pm Open Stage 1:30pm Open Stage   6:00pm Host Adair Correll 2:00pm Host Darleneya 2:00pm Host Robin Berry  7:30pw Open Stage  2:30pm Magadalena 2:30pm Joe Reily  8:00pm Host E-Minor  3:00pm Scott Cook 3:00pm Maray Fuego  8:30pm Scott Cook  3:30pm Open Stage 3:30pm Open Stage  9:00pm Erin Ivey  4:00pm Host Kellerville 4:00pm Host Kirby  9:30pm Open Stage  4:30pm Josh Davis 4:30pm Younce Guitar    5:00pm Claudia Schmidt & Dean McGraw

5:00pm Row Fowler and John Richey 

  5:30pm Open Stage 5:30 Open Stage   6:00pm Dead Heroes Workshop Peter Seeger 6:00pm Dale Scott CD Release Show    7:00pm Crazy and Tom Juggle 7:00pm Rex Costello    8:00pm Appleseed Collective 7:30pm Odd Couple Pete G    9:00pm Erin Ivey 8:00pm Ruby Williams    10:00pm Open Stage     11:00pm Open Stage  
   Crafts   Friday  Saturday  Sunday    12:00pm Gut Bucket - Chet Winowieki  12:00pm Silk Painting - Joey Haderer   1:00pm Miniture Landscapes & Flowers- Fait Byard 1:00pm Rafia Baskets - Faith Byard    2:00pm Leather Bag - Bliss Ledford

2:00pm Tee Shirt Surgery Jasmine Petrie 

  3:00pm Felt Soap Holder- Denice Swanson 3:30pm Leather Bag - Bliss Ledford    4:00pm Hemp Jewlery - Jolene Fowler 4:30 Matt Kuntz Flutes 2014    4:30pm Beginning Djembe Jim & Darleneya     5:30pm Sustainabality Showcase      Solar Scene, Great Lakes Renewable Enegry Assoc.     with Allan, Aaron and Devon O'Shea     7:30pm Farming for the Future     8:00pm Local Foods Movement     8:30pm The Blissfest Arts Recreation Centec     10:30pm Jan - Callers Workshop
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saw them last summer in Cincinnati

I really dig Susan Tedeschi!

she has such a soulful voice !

and of course Derek Trucks is one badass slide guitar player!

and the band they tour with is overflowing with talent

she really won me over when she covered John Prines Angel from Montgomery that segued into Sugaree by the grateful dead and back in to Angel from Montgomery

but I'm easy like that :)

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if you saw the dead in the Midwest we were at the same shows and chances are that we could've been within hundred feet or less of each other as I went to close to 50 ;)

unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to attend blissfest as I am in the process of moving from Ohio to Michigan

but thanks for the heads up!

it's nice to see another music geek around here!

especially a fellow deadhead!

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