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Texas Judge Sentences Man To Death For Marijuana Possession

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An Austin Superior Court judge sentenced 34 year old Joseph Goldsmith to death row yesterday, after Goldsmith was picked up on his third offense for marijuana possession.

Judge Martin Churchill said during the trial that he had “already seen [Goldsmith] twice” and that “the third time was the charm.”

“If a man cannot get his act together, and he is arrested multiple times for the same crime, then I have no choice but to hand out the swiftest and harshest punishment I can.” Said Churchill. “In this case, the public needs to know how the state of Texas deals with repeat offenders, especially when they are drug-related crimes.”


Goldsmith, who has no other arrests on his report other than the previous two convictions for misdemeanor marijuana possession, was visibly upset when the verdict was read.

“I cannot believe it. This is like a nightmare.” Said Goldsmith, in tears after the hearing. “It was just a couple of joints. This isn’t right.”

Goldsmith was arrested this third and final time with around a gram of marijuana in his possession. In several states throughout the U.S., this amount would get him a small fine. In others, he would be let off with a warning. The state of Texas has the toughest laws on marijuana possession in the country.

“We will definitely be appealing the court’s decision.” Said Matthew Klein, Goldsmith’s attorney. “A sentence of death does not fit this crime. There is no way that we are going to let this stand.”

Goldsmith was sent to the Texas State Correctional Facility in Austin after the trial. Per his conviction, he will be required to remain on death row until an appeal can overturn the judge’s decision.



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Dr Bob you forgot the but unless they fear for there life or someone elses like your cell phone is going to explode or give off mustard gas i dont know but they did leave the door open for those officers to take advantage if they so like,  naa naa what am i thinking those officers would never tale advantage of a loop hole like that or would they???????

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This kind of garbage serves only to confuse new registrants and sick patients searching for sound information. Although I have a great sense of humor, and can see right through these types of wasted efforts, and I also know Bobntory don't intend that,

I am embarrassed that this forum hosts such a category for this fecal facade . just my opinion.

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Did someone force you to read or post an opinion?

This may be a farsical story, but people do die and lose their children over cannabis.

That is Fact!

Should new registrants hear the horror stories?

What say you?

Should we paint a rosy picture?

Or arm new registrants with a little healthy dose of paranoia (aka self preservation).

Follow the rules implicitly and you should be fine.

However there are those who have been ran roughshod over something as simple as not shutting the door behind yourself when you left the garden in a rush...



And this was posted under the "Satire" threads.

He told is it was a joke from the heading....

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I agree with you of course. Perhaps posting links to the REAL tragedy's would be more telling to the public than made up ones used to instill fear, before  humor?

There's nothing funny about losing a life or pet, or being hassled over a joint. It happens daily to the sick and indigent in this country. A google search will turn up endless drug tragedy follies on a daily basis.

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It also teaches peeps to use a little discretion and common sense when reading some of the propaganda usually posted by the proponents of the 'Drug War'.

How many of those stories have you heard? [...Just Google It! ] Like all the Mexicans growing in our Nat Parks, destroying these places with their use of toxic chemicals and such... Or some of the other BS, like the housing industry is improving (prices are going up). Free Trade Agreements promotes job creation [in this country] ! bla bla bla...

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"we" are aware of the satirical aspect of these dribbles with no harm done. "Teaching" people, like new mj registrants, new forum members, lurkers, would be a daunting job for sure, maybe best done with solid facts, tangible fears, and examples of successful defenses.  Even the keenest of us fall for these, if even for a minute, but we know "what to look out for", unlike Grandma with the uncontrollable grand daughter seizures for example. no biggy, I lol'd and like entertainment as much as the next guy. I guess if they cat tell the difference between humor and fact(slippery slope) in the marijuana industry, trial and error will bring them around to the facts eventually. <_<

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