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Sour Slut(Ecsdxspace Queen)

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Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some help finding this strain.  I got this clone a while ago but never kept it around.  I really liked it and wanted to get my hands on it again.  I don't use this site often but I do remember someone on here was talking about it in the past.  If anyone could please help me or recommend a simliar strain that would be awesome.  I posted this on another website but no body has helped me.

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Yes the medicine was great.  When my stuff was finished it literally clogged my grinder with trichs and it would be so hard to grind up meds.  I never kept a clone around because it was about two years ago and I wasn't very passionate about genetics.  I am sure though I have read boards on this website but I think I met the guy of Craigslist.

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