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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself since I'm new here. I've been growing for a while (I have generalized anxiety disorder and this has been an effective treatment so far) but I have just recently joined various online communities and I have found a lot of helpful information from other growers so far.


anyways just wanted to say hello

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unfortunately these results may differ from one user to another, from one day to another, one diet to another, one tolerance build up to another.

I honestly only ever suffered from anxiety while living not quite how I knew I should be. when that was corrected I still suffered from something unknown. With a great diet, clean approach to everything, it was a mystery, until the day I began harvesting my own buds. All of a sudden the suffering ended, and  I am unable to find a strain that causes what I was no longer suffering from. This made me believe that at least a portion of my sufferings were the direct result of using someone else's garden habits to rely on, much of my life.  A quick review of the pesticides available at most marijuana/gardening centers and the talk around the shelves/internet clued me in fast possibly. I don't find much of that kind of crap in any medical mj anymore, but surely some use it or else it wouldn't be sold there ?


Trial and error, 50/50, 70-30, 60/40, thc/cbd, any strength really. I've grown and sampled strains testing here @ 10%, exactly as the breeder predicted, that blew me away. I've grown "tested" 26% that I enjoyed less, then more even on another occasion. "Afghan Kush" region varieties are sure to please most. Sativas are troublesome indoors, normally not worth my efforts.(except the thrill without heart palpitations is just enough for me to continue them)

 Cherry Kush, Medicine Man, Tahoe Og Kush, Plushberry, Ace of Spades are my registry top five of all time,(over 700 strains) including my votes. They function perfectly for at least the folks that seek me to be their registered grower. I keep them all in rotation yearly.


good luck ! welcome !

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Right now I grow Permafrost for my anxiety it's a hybrid strain. I know it can take people awhile to finally find a strain and method that works best for them. It definitely is trial and error. 


I've been dealing with anxiety for the majority of my life but feel a lot better now that I know more about types of strains and how to grow. I also try to get a good diet and stuff but without medical marijuana I wouldn't be able to focus or sleep well so it helps me a lot. 

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.....hello everyone.....my name is puffer1 and I just joined this group......have always enjoyed reading forums and blogs on the art of growing.....needless to say it seems that these days everyone is all over the map on methods, strains, nutes and everything else......sometimes it gets confusing so I always search for a good forum and it looks like there are quite a few level headed growers here.....the biggest advantage of reading these forums is that you can learn from other peoples mistakes.....anyway, enough blabbering, I'm in week 4 of Pineapple Express and so far so good.....having tried a dozen other strains previous as well as PE and it looks like PE is the pick of the litter.....at least for me.....again, HELLO everyone.....

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