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Advice On Suppliers Of Certified High Cbd Mj?

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A center in  Ann Arbor advertises that it uses this lab for  testing.

I know there is a huge difference in effects, and I want some predictability. I never see any scientific reference in any private cg ads.


This article on the lab is pretty encouraging reading.



From lower down in the article...


The science and technical staff does have a just-out-of-college look — they’re young, a couple of them sporting dreadlocks and tats as they quietly go about their liquid and gas chromatography or other analysis on expensive lab equipment.


Nobody here is taking a big draw on a blunt and declaring it “good bunny muffin.” And this business has no interest in cultivation or distribution of the product. Even the name of the company was chosen to avoid interpretation of any kind of stoner image. The name “Iron” is to imply that you get ironclad results."


Gas chromatography is not plug-and-play. Requires pretty advanced chem knowledge.


They keep a pretty low profile,and the fearstream media here  doesn't say make anything about the issue of MMJ clear at all, implying "it's still maybe dangerous, and we are afraid, like you should be."



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 I'm sure there would be a lot of member questions for a cannabis lab worker is all, thought you may have been one. 


After hundreds of strains grown and sampled I realized the ones thrown to the bunnies were the "higher cbd" strains. They were useless to me and my patients. I'm intrigued with the compound and it's benefits to so many though, and hope our laws change soon to allow clinical human trials.


happy gardening

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advice? the study on epilepsy in the 1980s said 200-300mg of cbd was a baseline for epilepsy reduction in those people they trested.





4 of the 8 CBD subjects remained almost free of convulsive crises throughout the experiment and 3 other patients demonstrated partial improvement in their clinical condition. CBD was ineffective in 1 patient.


sorry, i dont have much more info than that.

from what i've been reading, it seems like the people who went to colorado for the high-cbd marijuana have found that they have to try a bunch of different strains and concentrations to figure out which one works for them.


so, like any medication, you will have to try each one and figure out what works for you.


other advice- the 'entourage effect' makes thc/cbd work together to better affect the body. so if you find a high cbd strain doesnt work for you, try grinding it up with a high thc strain and see if that makes any difference...


to answer your second question about testing

ironlabs seems trustworthy, at least i dont remember any evidence to the contrary.


testing of concentrations has been shown to be bias-selected by many dispensaries (they pick the best test results).

also you have to realize, the plants concentrations can vary wildly depending on phenotype, lights, plant health, drying/curing, upper buds or lower buds, etc. so if the supplier submits a top cola for testing , but then sells you the bottom buds from the same plant... you might not be getting the numbers you think you want.


the problem is that they are numbers, but the numbers alone arent telling us much yet. plus its different for everyone.



as to your third question about supply. no idea.

are you looking for clones, seeds, mmj, oil , a caregiver? a dispensary?

if you mention what city or county you are in or near, people maybe able to give better localized answers

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