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Hello Everyone!

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It certainly is nice to find a legitamite medical marijuana site that is not filled with stoner culture or denegrates our medicine!


My name is Kellyn and I am a caregiver along with my fiance, we are in the SE area at the moment.  Both my fiance and I have had long standing health issues and discovered MM because western medicine was exhausted.  Neither of us had anywhere else to go besides organ failure due to pain meds and all other associated meds.  Im sure there are many of you on here who know the snowball effect that starts when you take one med for a while then subsequently need more meds because of the side effect.


I have systemic degenerative joint disease that started in my spine and spread all the way out to my hands and feet too.  I use a service dog and cane to help me walk but for the most part are stuck close to home.  My fiance started growing out of need to have better quality medicine.  We were going to local dispensaries only to be continually hoodwinked into buying sub-par medicine or even contaminated meds with mold or a cancer-causing plant cloning hormone!!!  In the beginning of course I didnt understand the difference between trying to smoke purple haze for my spine pain versus trying cannatonic.


As time went on and our plants became what we needed for medicine, we (like most patient/caregivers) found that it was just not possible to work AND grow the best medicine you need.  This is when we started to reach out to other patients and try to cover our bills so we could continue to help people meet their medical needs as well.  In the past 8 months of growing, we have both been saddened to learn the levels of professionalism and care that a lot of growers in the area have.  One grower knowingly sold mold covered cannabis to a cancer patient, another dispensary blatantly lies about the quality of their product, and even one person making simpson oil messed it up so bad it had heavy metal in it! 


I personally just could not take risks like this with my own medicine and have thus decided to try to make a difference in my own area.  This is serious medicine for serious pain.  Not a fun afternoon with my buddies after work or school.  This medicine is what makes me healthy.  I am able to get out of bed and care for myself and my family because of this.  Prior to cannabis, I was taking upwards to 14 different prescriptions at once; now I am free of all but one of them!  My only goal is to help others reach their medical goals and to assure that they are getting only the best quality meds that will actually work for their problems.  We dont believe in conning the patient into thinking only one strain will help them or that every nug that leaves our garden is the highest percentages around. 


Cannabis is a plant and will grow the way it wants to grow, we are human and do not always have the right answers.  We understand this and know you do too, that is why we never promise that we are always the best or that anything will work magic for you.  I look forward to networking with more responsible caregivers and patients, because this is a community based industry and you cannot continue growing great cannabis if you do not reach out and converse with others in the same field. 


I look forward to getting to know the people on this site better and to continue to educate myself in the world of this wonderful plant.


-Kellyn and Cedric

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Hello Kellyn. By the sound of it I have the same disease you do. Cannabis really helps. Ironically, I can still have fun with cannabis too. Go figure. Is it a gift with a curse(fun) or a gift with a gift(fun)? Depends on your point of view I guess. Good luck with the AS. I've had it for 30 years now.

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Welcome to the forum!  

stoner culture is here,  though no worries. Once they were told it was legally ok to be pain free and centered, while enjoying side effects of their age old herbal healing choice, they became patients.


Please tell me more of this? =   "cancer causing cloning hormone"

That was very insightful grass. I have to thank you for that. I would like to add that we really were patients all along. Patients without research with the laws stacked against us, but real patients just the same. My new hat didn't change anything but the way I get my hair cut.
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REST,you have AS? I didn't know that.   I'm sorry you have to suffer with this. Maybe that's why you are grouchy like I am.

Epidurals and rhizotomies have kept me off the surgery table..........but 8 hours later,after the pain drugs and steroids he injects,brings on a good 18 hours of non stop puking. For 8 hours I am pain free,but is it worth the puking and causing more damage to my esophagus and guts?

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