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Bill Clinton Talks Marijuana Legalization


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Bill cant run again hint hint and his old lady isnt bill. she is hillary the scammer, I would like the story more if they told it like bonnie and clyde, I sure hope there is another better dem candidate than hillary, If I have to cross lines I want some one in there that hasnt already screwed up in the white house,  bill prob already has his room picked out for his mancave/whore man cave lol!  They realy should just follow the mony bill is and hillary can demand the same amount at her speaches, they have the best retirement in the world, and they are still raking it in, and I have nothing against them getting rich, but they need to do it on there dime not the tax payers, It hurts me to say it but I know there is better, I would love nothing more than to vote dem and be able to sleep at nite, I know she hasnt thrown her pantys in the presidential run yet, but she will or she would have kept the 2nd best job she ever had (s.o.s) all mr hunts ketchup needs to do is something better than her as s.o.s and he will be the top runner for the dems,


mm is important to me but not enough to elect a president over, I believe his lye that the states should be able to make their own decisions but does that realy stop the feds?  Lets not forget barrack huesain obama's campaingn promises that never came about,,oh and he traded 6 known dangerious terrorist for one awal person, im sorry my son is a marine if he went awal he would deserve to be a prisoner of war and I would let not one person out of quantanamo for his law breaking arse, (he is not a law breaker he is a proud marine and im a proud father) the prisoner of war should be in the brig and not get to see his family for the whole time he is in the brig,,,,,,,you have to remember it is a volunteer armed forces these kids didnt get a choice of jail or the army like I did, they had to get good grades in school and have clean records to be in the military, our military dont take in flunky's no longer, and the U.S has made the armed forces a good secure job for our young people, because of all of the work done in other countrys and parts being sent here for low tarrif's and taxes and when we ship we pay way more, if that was equaled out we could get out of debt to china in no time, Im voting for a write in, come on "Trump"  now that is some one from new money who has lost it and got it back several times!


f the clintons, he got caught like nixon only for a different reason!



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