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Help Smoke The Vote In 2014 With Norml Pac

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Admin:  I didn't know where to post this so feel free to move it. As many of you are aware, huge strides have been made in the fight to "Free The Weed."  In just the past 5 years the nations opinion has changed dramatically.  In fact in recent polls more than 50% of those polled favored legalization.  I believe that this strategy will get the job done much faster.  We desperately need a voice in Washington DC and this is our chance to achieve that goal.  Please make a donation in an amount that you can live without.  



Help Smoke the Vote in 2014 with NORML PAC

NORML PAC normlpac@norml.org via mail.salsalabs.net 
Jun 30 (1 day ago)
to me

 Dear NORML Members and Friends,


As we enter the month of July, the 2014 election season is kicking into full swing andmarijuana law reform is finding itself front and center in numerous races around the country. NORML's Political Action Committee (NORML PAC) has been working to elect pro-legalization candidates nationwide, but we need your help so we can participate in as many races as possible and push reform candidates to victory while kicking out the prohibitionists. We've already made endorsements in highly contested races in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Virginia, with the goal of rolling out more throughout the year in all fifty states.

We can't do this without you. Please make a contribution to NORML PAC today to support these efforts. Our elected officials are in charge of implementing and reforming our laws (and are often the only option in states that lack a ballot initiative process), if they refuse to listen to the will of their constituents on the issues surrounding marijuana law reform, it is high time we vote them out of office and elect sensible politicians who will help roll back our war on marijuana consumers at both the state and federal level.


Our endorsements have already been making nationwide press, will you contribute today to help us expand our reach and influence?

Let's keep the momentum going and bring NORML friendly candidates to every state across the nation. Together, we can smoke the vote in 2014. Together, we will legalize marijuana.

Please donate generously to NORMLPAC to support reform-minded elected policymakers and defeat politicians who still continue to support the long-failed policy in America of cannabis prohibition.

Thanks for your support and regards,

Erik Altieri



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