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Difference Between Simpson Oil And Amber Oil (Wax)

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I know im new to this forum and i think this is a good forum for better research on the questions i have. And im sure others have the same question as me.


What is a difference between Rick Simpson Oil and Amber oil (as known as wax, or crumble). In case you guys dont know exactly what Amber oil is, its allot more brighter and solid. Almost like wax, its color is a little orange. But i have also seen it a little wet and oily as well.


Im also asking if amber oil can be used to cure cancer as Rick Simpson oil can be used. And if it has all the cannibinoids too.


Rick simpson oil has:

"antiproliferative effects"

"antiangiogenic effects"

"antimetastatic effects"

"apoptotic effects"


Does amber oil have those same effects as well? And if not, does butane hash oil?

Im asking because where i live it we dont seem to have access to Simpson oil, instead we have more potent extractions. And i would like to help people in our area overcome this disease.


Please give specific answers :thumbsu:

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Rick Simpson Oil is extracted using Naptha, a low grade difficult to remove hippy era hardware paint thinner solvent.

The results can be further purified to become a concrete extraction like amber glass, oil, wax etc. If the solvent is completely removed there is no danger when using properly.


N-Butane exactly matches the polarity of the cannabis constituents we seek to extract. It is food grade, organic, and has been used in food packaging for a hundred years. Being very simple to manipulate at low temperatures, complete solvent removal is a cinch for most.


99% ISO, like naphtha, and Nbutane, will extract unwanted constituents possibly, like plant lipids, waxes, chlorophyll, etc. When clarifying a concrete extraction these constituents are removed, leaving behind a more pure product, thus more active compounds by weight, and a more potent product, to the point of being an absolute, or a salt crystal even.


It is my belief that, like the ancients state, "the whole of the dried flower tops", olive oil solvent, and consumption may be the safest most effective way to dose ones self with cannabis for the health benefits. Unfortunately for those who like to vaporize their concentrates, olive oil is not suitable for extraction. Although I'd rather puff olive oil than a man made plasticizer/gmo sugar, as I've done both.


We should keep in mind that "RSO", and claimed results made by simpson and his users, will need to keep in mind that Naptha may have been an integral part of his "cure", or at least some residuals surely left behind after his broom stick stir, rice cooker evaporation, and anecdotal record keeping. Naphtha has long been used to treat skin disorders, and orally administered medicine.

I use it to clean my paint brushes still, and get scared when it touches my skin.

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the way I make bho it is most def edible and smokable, it is decarbelized and no butane is left in it, when you thin it with heat it gets decarbed, other wise it would be ear wax or shatter, when you have a liquid oil that dont bubble when you put some heat to it, it is decarbed and no butane is left, I have and do eat it, I have friends that all prefer to smoke or vape it, which is all good with me, all I care about is that it does what they need it to do!  it is all about the pt!



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simpson oil = decarbed edible hash oil

Amber oil (wax) = non decarbed oil for vaping or smoking



I have seen RSO test results showing 95.5% THC. Rick is posting results from 95-98% THC.


I like your comment, because I used to think it was true, not anymore. What is the difference between the two? Just one thing, time... I will be posting about that in my RSO QWISO blog soon.

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