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Hi New To Mmma. My Name Is "nevic"

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Hello mmma community. I'm fairly new to Michigan a couple months I'm currently a caregiver and working on my patient paperwork for now. (represented by komorn law and up to date on all legal information)


I guess I just wanted to say hi. (I frequent alot of forums so i'll probably be sticking around).

and ask for some help.


I'd like to know if any of you know a local glass blower who does personal classes or who would rent out time with there equipment (supervised)


I'm very interested in meeting a glass blower and even just watching them work for awhile as i'm very interested in pursuing the hobby/craft/art.


I'm an avid drawer so I figured this would be a good symbiotic hobby to pick up.


I know that a cheap starter setup would cost like 500$ and be very limiting and a decent setup would cost at least 1500$ so i'd like to make a connection that would allow me to see if I'm up for the task before diving face first into concrete. I don't normally give up on anything but i'd still like to get my feet wet.


If anyone needs a reliable caretaker (setup is pretty new so it would be about 3 months before consistent product) (oils,edibles,top shelf) feel free to message me with inquiries. 


Located in berrien center


strains atm (expanding)

frisian dew
white widow
blueberry headband
the doctor
connie chong
purple kush
very interested in hearing from you all.


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