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Indoor/outdoor Transfers?

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I had a very interesting question asked of me the other day that I didn't really have an answer to, I was wondering if one of you on the board may:


The question was- Can this person take their plants, which are in flower and have been for over 2-3weeks, and move them outside to continue flowering if they get too big (In this individuals case, tall) for that persons grow area?


Would this stress and possibly re-veg the plant, or would the plant continue to flower as it would during the natural cycle as the natural grow-season turns into the natural flowering cycle for the plants? 


the person stated their plants would have been ready around beginning/ mid September if left indoors, if moved outside, they were wondering if the move would reveg/stress them- they're worried in regards to height constraints of their grow area if left indoors, being that hey let their vegging plants get a little ahead of themselves before flowering them, not realizing their size gain.


A real doozy, I know, but I figured because I didn't know their answer, someone here just might lol

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count the hours in the day that the person gets in his outdoor yard. if more than 12 or 13, he will need to put a tarp over the plants to ensure 12/12 light cycle.


just fyi

for detroit:


Sunrise Today:6:02 AM
Sunset Today: 9:11 PM


15 hours sunlight currently.


will it stress / re-veg ? yes.


will it work itself out? we dont know what strain you have or pheno or if the plant will like it.

in my opinion it will be fine. heres an idea, 


HAVE HIM TRY IT with one or two plants! make sure he has a secure outdoor facility as written in the act with fencing.


if you need space indoors, you can always knock the plant over. put the entire thing on its side, then it will grow up, from its side , instead of growing up from the top. dont forget about bending and breaking and taping the stem. you can stunt growth in a variety of ways, some of which dont stress the plant much.

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I say stay inside, bend em over or grow them on the side like mentioned above, some one gave me a mother that was to big for my budd tent, I layed it on its side and tied up some branches, if it is growing that well I wouldnt move it out doors unless I had to many and just wanted to see if it would work!


they grow good on their sides, they grow good bent over, no need to break stems, becarefull and tie them bent over, I personaly wouldnt move them out side at this time, if it was closer to 12 12 maybe!


Best of luck



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I hate messin around with MI weather, damp, dark, who knows what's next. Next thing you know beautiful skunky buds are covered in rot or mold over night. Its fun if you're doing it for yourself, and have a back up, but when patients are counting on their plant count to be on time those occurrences interrupt the program too much for me.

 A couple years ago the apple orchards including mine produced none. This year they're so late nothing will finish properly, unless of course, MI decides to extend it's summer all of a sudden. Id advise leaving a good girl be.


when I top in flower I leave with no worries. Sometimes, when there's a nice cola forming though I don't want to lose, I'll gently roll the stem between my thumb and forefinger until I break that layer and then I bend it over where I need it.

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plants under 12/12 put outdoors before august 12 will revert to vegging; after august 12, will continue uninterrupted and finish flowering..


No they won't. In MI you can force flower plants indoors under only a week of 12 hours of light and put them outside anytime including June 21 the longest day of the year and they will continue to flower, especially if they were getting 18 or more of light before you put them in only 12 hours of light.


A equatorial sativa will revert to flowering but I have never seen any equatorial sativa's, as most are hybrids. I have yet to ever have a plant revert back to vegetative growth when force flowered and I have done it with strains that are mostly sativa's.


There are also many strains, especially indica dominant strains that will flower once you put them outside even when they are put out before June 21st.


There is no date that all strains will start flowering and many things can affect this like how old they are and how much light they were receiving before you put them outside.

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